GHC Alumnus is Award-Winning Filmmaker

trey headshot

Taking Charge of the Silver Screen

“All that glitters ain’t gold,” flashes across the screen, stark red against a dark background.

The trailer for “Ark Ridge,” the latest film from award-winning filmmaker and Georgia Highlands College alumnus Trey Squire, takes an ancient expression adapted by the likes of Shakespeare and Tolkien and turns it on its head once again.

“Ark Ridge,” billed as a short film in the horror genre, is a project of Squire’s independent film company, Imprint Studios. He co-owns the company with a former Georgia State University classmate, where he attended after graduating from GHC with an Associate of Arts in Communications in 2013. Squire went on to graduate from GSU with a bachelor’s in film in 2015.

Squire’s mother first presented GHC as an option following high school.

“It was close to home, affordable and I liked the culture of the campus,” he says. While at GHC, mentors helped Squire find his inner drive to succeed. And succeed he has.

Squire’s previous short film, “Midnight Blue,” won numerous awards, including Best Film Noir Short, Gold Award in the April 2018 Independent Shorts Awards, Special Mention in the 2018 Global Shorts competition and recognition as a Semi-Finalist in the 2018 Los Angeles CineFest.

The ode to film noir was also shown locally at last year’s Rome International Film Festival. Amazingly, Squire wrote the script for the award-winning drama in three days. The film itself was filmed in just three days, as well.

After benefiting so greatly from mentors at GHC, Squire credits his time in GHC’s Brother 2 Brother chapter with inspiring him to become a better leader and mentor himself.

“It’s not always about me. There are filmmakers, photographers, and others who are motivated to be great but may not know how to advance to the next step of their journey,” Squire says. “There are people who are looking for guidance or a hero. I’m not sure about being a hero, but I believe I can make an impact and help those who are in need.”

Squire also hopes to bring awareness to mental health issues through his work.

“I’ve battled this in my lifetime and I wish to use my voice to help others. It is important that everyone know that they matter and it’s okay to seek help when in need.”

Outside of filmmaking, Squire has also been recognized for his photography and writing, including his original stage play, “Marvin’s Room.” In 2017, the play was named a finalist in the New York Screenplay Contest.

Squire and his co-owner at Imprint Studios are currently putting the final touches on “Ark Ridge.”

Learn more about Squire and his work at

GHC staff member conquers 52 hikes a year challenge

mathis with walking stick

When Andrea Mathis tells you to “take a hike,” she might very well literally mean “take a hike.” Andrea has become a bit of a veteran hiker with three continuous years of 52 hikes a year.

That’s right. Andrea has committed to 52 hikes each year for 2017, 2018, and 2019. She hikes as a part of a program called the 52 Hike Challenge, which includes challenges to hike near waterfalls, forests, or national parks, as well as more interesting twists like “stewardship” hikes where the goal is to provide trail maintenance or picking up trash along the way.

“I have been an outdoor walker for most of my adult life, then I started diligently walking outdoors about 12 years ago with regular walks during my lunches at work and on some weekends with occasional day hiking thrown into the mix,” she said. “Nothing makes you feel more alive and more accomplished than several hours or a day on a trail out in nature.”

Andrea came across the 52 Hike Challenge while looking up hiking information online.

“I immediately thought, ‘That’s it. I am doing this,’” she said. “I found it to be exciting, and it is like a competition with myself to get it done no matter what obstacles come my way.”

Andrea said the first year was all about proving to herself that she could accomplish 52 hikes in a single year. She said she was thrilled to complete the challenge for the first time in 2017, despite some setbacks with having to have a surgery the same year that took her off the trail for a few weeks.

But it wasn’t her will to complete or her surgery that proved the most difficult obstacle to hiking nearly every single week of the year. It was the weather.

“Weather, weather, weather,” she said. “I will hike in the rain and I will hike in the cold—my coldest hike was in 20s—but I will not hike in the cold when it’s raining.”

To get around the weather, Andrea said she likes to double-up on her hikes early in the year or anytime she has the chance to take an extra hike so missing some weeks doesn’t affect her challenge.

Currently, Andrea has clocked in hikes on a number of trails in places like Red Top Mountain, James H. Floyd State Park, Fort Mountain State Park, Sweet Water Creek, Cloudland Canyon, Cascade Springs, Kennesaw Mountain, Crooked River State Park, St. Andrews State Park, and many more.

But Andrea’s absolute favorite place to check off one of her 52 hikes is at Desoto State Park in Fort Payne, Alabama.

“It is beautiful there, and in places, it looks like another world,” she said. “Some of the trails remind me of scenery from ‘Lord of the Rings.’ I highly recommend the Wild Flower Weekend the first weekend in May each year.”

On top of her 52-week challenge, Andrea also recruits employees from GHC to join her and the “Highlands Unlikely Hikers” for off-campus hikes once a month. She said it’s a great opportunity to share her passion for hiking with others and to get those who have never hiked before a chance to start on some beginner hikes.

Andrea has been working at GHC for over 18 years. She works in Client Technology Support for GHC’s Information Technology department. She said GHC has been a wonderful place to work.

“I love that GHC strives to make learning attainable for everyone,” she said. “I love how everyone works together toward a common goal of success for our students.”

To keep up with Andrea’s hikes, you can follow her on Instagram (@hikingkeepsmesane).

GHC libraries invite community to take advantage of services this summer and beyond

girl in library on computer

If you’re looking for somewhere educational – and air conditioned – to spend time this summer, add Georgia Highlands College’s four libraries to your list.

The GHC libraries in Rome, Cartersville, Douglasville, and Dallas are all open to community and public users throughout the year. Anyone may visit the library to relax, use public computers, make copies and read books, magazines and newspapers. Guests can also borrow laptop and phone chargers during their time at the libraries.

Books available at the libraries range from current bestsellers like “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens and “Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin to scholarly non-fiction publications. The Floyd Campus Library also has a collection of children’s books for young readers.

By applying for a free community patron card, guests can check out up to five books at a time and borrow headphones for in-library use. Community patron cards are available with a valid driver’s license or government issued ID and proof of address at all four GHC libraries.

In addition to access to the internet, the public computer workstations at each library are equipped with a full version of Microsoft Office. This includes programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

Community patrons also have access to printers through the computer workstations. A courtesy print card can be purchased through VTS machines at each site. The current cost of printing/copying in black-and-white is 10 cents a page, while color copying/printing is 25 cents a page.

“The GHC libraries serve vital needs in our communities,” says Dean of Libraries and College Testing Julius Fleschner. “I hope all members of the communities we serve will find an ally in accessing quality information, friendly assistance and a dynamic place full of knowledge.”

The GHC libraries are located at: Floyd – 3175 Cedartown Hwy, Rome, GA 30161; Cartersville – 5441 Hwy 20 NE, Cartersville, GA 30121; Douglasville – 5901 Stewart Pkwy, Douglasville, GA 30135; and Paulding – 25 Courthouse Sq, Dallas, GA 30132.

For more information on GHC Libraries, including hours of operation, visit

Experience nature at Paris Lake on GHC’s Floyd Campus

two students using boat

Paris Lake on Georgia Highlands College’s Floyd Campus is a nature lover’s dream complete with fishing and a hiking path full of wildlife – and it’s open to the public for everyone to enjoy!

One of the lake’s biggest draws is its abundance of popular sport fish, like bluegill, crappie, largemouth bass, catfish and more. Non-game species are also found in the lake, including shad, carp, an assortment of minnow species and various others. The lake is regulated under all state fish and game laws, so anglers should be sure to bring their fishing licenses.

For those wanting to get out onto the lake, visitors are welcome to bring their own boats. However, gas-powered motors are prohibited, so only small trolling motors or paddle vessels are allowed. Swimming in the lake is also strictly prohibited.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty to do outside of the water for guests that prefer dryland. A gravel path loops around the lake at a total distance of 1.85 miles. The trail is ranked “easy” by and is great for anyone looking to get in some physical activity while taking in beautiful views of nature. Geocachers should be on the lookout for caches throughout the trail, as well.

The path takes guests through a living wetland. The diversity of this and other nearby ecosystems means the area is teeming with wildlife. Depending on the season and time of day, visitors can spot deer, beavers, rabbits, an assortment of reptiles and amphibians and more, along with native and migratory insects like butterflies, dragonflies and bees.

Visitors should also keep their eyes on the sky while walking the trail or fishing in Paris Lake. In the last few years, a pair of nesting bald eagles have made the area their home. They can frequently be seen hunting over the lake or tending to their young during breeding season. Birders can also observe a host of other birds of prey, songbirds and migratory birds like waterfowl, seagulls, pelicans and herrings.

“Paris Lake is a fantastic resource and opportunity to bring the family out for a day experiencing nature in an easy to access and beautiful setting,” says Assistant Professor of Biology Jason Christian.

The 55-acre lake is named for Albert E. Paris and his family, an original owner of the property where Floyd Junior College, now GHC, first began nearly 50 years ago in 1970. The lake is situated behind the academic buildings and library.

Visitors can easily access Paris Lake by entering the campus from Booze Mountain Road. The entrance road leads straight to a designated parking area and a sign with lake rules and regulations. A covered pavilion with accessible restrooms is available near the parking area. A gazebo is also available, closer to the academic buildings.

Paris Lake is open to the public from sun up to sun down every day.

For more information on GHC’s Floyd Campus, including Paris Lake, visit

A self-described ‘fire-loving country boy’ follows his passion to the national stage

GHC alumnus named to the board of directors for the International Association of Wildland Fire

A raging fire blazes across a field, crackling and popping and blackening the bark on tree trunks as it passes, leaving a wake of scorched, ashy earth behind. Plumes of dark smoke as thick as rain clouds billow and expand into the sky. And at the start of this fiery force of nature is a man in yellow with a flaming torch.

That man is Johnny Stowe.

The fire may seem destructive, at first, but performing regular prescribed fires actually reduces the risk of wildfires by consuming fuels, and it restores biodiversity and ecosystems while helping restore nutrients to the ground.

Johnny can tell you all about it. He is a wildlife biologist, forester, and ecological philosopher among other things… but he likes to make it clear he’s also a “fire-loving country boy” from Cedartown.

His love of fire is much deeper than you might think. For Johnny, fire is a fundamental part of the human race and serves not only as tool but as a symbol that transcends time and generations and has become an integral part of the human story.

“It’s in our heart. It’s in our core. It helps define who we are,” he said. “Who among us cannot remember a fire they looked into and just got lost and mesmerized in thought, who had inspiration for something that might not have come to them otherwise? It was while sitting in circles around fires that oral histories were first shared and became our earliest cultures.”

Thinking about prescribed fires through the lenses of science, history, and philosophy all together may seem different, but Johnny credits Georgia Highlands College for helping him take such a rounded, multicultural, and interdisciplinary approach to a career he has spent over 20 years of his life doing.

In 1988, Johnny decided to start his path toward a position with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources by enrolling at Georgia Highlands College (then Floyd College). Johnny took classes on the Floyd Campus before transferring to the Warnell School of Forest Resources at the University of Georgia. He holds a master’s in wildlife ecology and management.

“The people at GHC provided me with knowledge and challenged me. They taught me how to think and learn and what my talents were and how to develop them,” he said. “GHC gave me invaluable experience and encouragement and made college immensely satisfying.”

Even after being away from GHC for so many years, Johnny recalls his professors, classes, and experience writing for the Six Mile Post with great clarity. The most salient in his mind include Professor Glenn Singleton’s economic classes, Professor David Cook in the science department, Professor Kristie Kemper for English and journalism, and Professor Philip Dillard’s world literature class.

“The professors at GHC were outstanding. They were always well-prepared and very good at conveying concepts and techniques and information,” he said. “It was clear—and I cannot overemphasize this–it was clear that they really cared about teaching me.”

After his time at GHC and UGA, Johnny eventually found himself as the Heritage Preserve Manager with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. And recently, Johnny was named to the board of directors of the International Association of Wildland Fire.

The International Association of Wildland Fire, based in Missoula, Montana, is an independent organization whose membership includes experts in all aspects of wildland fire.

Stowe is a S.C. Registered Forester and Certified Wildlife Biologist in SCDNR’s Pee Dee/Catawba Region. He has managed SCDNR heritage preserves with prescribed fire for 23 years. He represents the department on wildland fire management, policy, education and outreach issues, and he helped form the South Carolina Prescribed Fire Council.

Stowe lit his first fires 50 years ago on the family farm that he still burns today. His passions and energy center on the cultural and natural heritage of prescribed fire and its connection to human ecology, on putting good-fire on-the-ground to restore and maintain the integrity of imperiled ecosystems, and on engaging and mentoring the next generation of wildland fire leaders and managers.

“Modern fire science began in Southeastern North America and using controlled burning to reduce fuel loads and enhance public safety and to provide a wide range of ecological, economic, and cultural benefits, is a deeply rooted part of Southern history,” he said, “and it is more important now than ever. Anything I accomplish in my professional life, and so much of the fulfillment I have had in my personal life is directly due to my education at GHC.”

Spots available for GHC science camps in Cartersville

Young girl showing her science project

Georgia Highlands College is hosting a series of STEM-based camps at its Cartersville location in July. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Registration is now open for all three science camps.

For more information about any of the camps or to sign up, please visit: and click the “Camps” link in the navigation.

Or you can email camp director Merry Clark directly at

The Three Camps Offered in July:

“Potions, Powders, & Polymers”

“Potions, Powders, & Polymers” calls upon the real life “magic” of chemistry. It will start on July 9th and run through July 12th from 9AM to 4PM each day. This camp is designed for rising fourth to seventh graders. Campers will have the opportunity to learn how to think like scientists while performing DNA extraction, acid/base reactions and candy chemistry.

The registration fee for “Potions, Powders, & Polymers” is $199.

“Science Exploration Camp”

From July 15th to July 19th, the “Science Exploration Camp” will give campers a week-long adventure immersed in fun and exciting science experiments and engaging hands-on science activities that reinforce and supplement the Georgia Standards of Excellence for science. This camp is designed for rising third through sixth graders and will meet from 9AM to 4PM.

Each day of “Science Exploration Camp,” campers will investigate topics from a different branch of science including Earth Science, Life Science, Chemistry, Astronomy and Physics. GHC professors and local K-12 educators will facilitate all program modules. Sample activities include extracting DNA, investigating electricity, building rockets, analyzing chemical reactions, growing crystals, exploring planets in the StarLab and more.

The registration fee for “Science Exploration Camp” is $199.

“Cosmic Explorers”

The last camp in July, from the 22nd through the 26th, will be the “Cosmic Explorers” camp for rising fourth through sixth graders and will take place from 9AM to 4PM. “Cosmic Explorers” campers will participate in several aerospace activities during this five-day astronomical adventure.

Campers will have the chance to create a voyage through the solar system, traveling to other planets, other solar systems, stars, and to the edge of the universe using a portable planetarium.

Each camper will also receive a “Certificate of Cosmic Accomplishment” demonstrating their command of astronomical knowledge.

The registration fee for “Cosmic Explorers” is $219.

GHC nursing program nationally ranked

nursing student working in lab

The Georgia Highlands College nursing program has been ranked number two in the nation for paramedics looking to expand their careers by becoming a registered nurse., an organization based out of California, awarded GHC’s program the second-place spot in its 2019 Best Paramedic to RN Programs list. examined several factors in creating its nationwide list. The group examined tuition cost, average program length, and the number of cohorts annually. Pass rates for NCLEX-RN, the national nursing licensing exam, from recent graduates also played a significant role in the rankings.

GHC’s RN bridge program for paramedics gives students the opportunity to be awarded credit for prior learning and exempt certain courses. To apply, students must be licensed as a paramedic in the state of Georgia and have at least 1,000 hours of clinical practice in the last two years or have graduated from a paramedic program within the last two years.

GHC’s nursing program overall was also recently highlighted by because of the program’s high NCLEX-RN pass rates.

“It’s always an honor to see our nursing program recognized nationally,” said Dean of Health Sciences Michelle Boyce. “I’m proud of the faculty and staff in the program. Everyone has worked so hard to create such a successful environment for our students.”

GHC offers an associate in nursing with pathways for those new to the field and bridge programs for paramedics and LPNs. For current registered nurses looking to expand their careers, GHC also offers an online RN to BSN program.

View the full listing and learn more at

To learn more about GHC, visit

President’s & Dean’s list announced for spring 2019

Graduation ceremony

Georgia Highlands College has announced students named to the spring 2019 President’s List and Dean’s List. To achieve President’s List status, students must earn a 4.0 grade point average and attain a minimum of nine semester hours of credit. To make Dean’s List students must complete a minimum of nine semester hours and achieve at least a 3.5 average.


The following students were named to the President’s List (by state and county):



Eden Townsend, Cedar Bluff, AL



Stephanie Kemp, Opelika, AL



Richard Bell, Washington, DC



Brandon Allen, Taylorsville

Dana Arteaga, Cartersville

Saphara Banks, Cartersville

Michael Bonds, Cartersville

Camden Bridges, Cartersville

Seth Brookshire, Adairsville

Jacob Bruner, Adairsville

Kyleigh Carney, Adairsville

BreeAnna Chance, White

Heather Choate, Cartersville

Diana Davidson, Cartersville

Morgan Deboard, Rydal

Samantha Dempsey, Cartersville

Natalie Eckert, Adairsville

Alexander Edwards, Cartersville

Ashley Eidson, Cartersville

Lacey Evans, Rydal

Brandy Folger, Adairsville

Sarah Franklin, Cartersville

Dillan Frazier, Kingston

Christopher Fulton, Euharlee

Sarah Garber, Cartersville

Jeanelle Garcia, Cartersville

Lizeth Garcia Perez, Cartersville

Hannah Garland, Adairsville

Bradley Gilmore, Cartersville

Garrett Hachem, Adairsville

Muhammad Hanzala, Cartersville

Anna Hardin, Cartersville

Brie-Lenn Harkins, Cartersville

Anastasia Haynes, Cartersville

Antonio Hernandez, Cartersville

Erin Horgan, Cartersville

Haley Howard, Cartersville

Ashlie Hunt, Kingston

Noah James, Cartersville

Christopher Johnson, Cartersville

Stephanie Jordan-Cain, Cartersville

Brooke Kirby, White

Meredith Knox, Cartersville

Brittany Layton, Cartersville

Moises Ledesma, Euharlee

Thacker Lively, Emerson

Leslie Lopez, Euharlee

Johanna Maserjian, Taylorsville

Tara Mathis, Cartersville

Lauren McKaig, Cartersville

Austin Mccamy, Cartersville

Leila Mcclellan-karp, White

Sarah Murray, Taylorsville

Victoria Najarro, Cartersville

Chloe Plotts, Euharlee

Holly Quick, Cartersville

Stephanie Ray, Cartersville

Brandi Rhodes, Cartersville

Macie Rittenhouse, Rydal

Evan Rose, Euharlee

Abigail Ryan, Cartersville

Haolat Sadiku, Cartersville

Tamira Sams, Cartersville

Raisa Scott, Emerson

Carlee Silvers, Cartersville

Caylee Silvers, Cartersville

Sierrah Strange, Cartersville

Kaitlyn Taylor, Cartersville

Lauren Tew, Kingston

Burt Tidwell, Cartersville

Jason Ughrin, Euharlee

Samantha Walker, Cartersville

Whitney Wallace, Cartersville

Camryn Whatley, Cartersville

Chelsea Williams, Cartersville

Anna Wilson, Adairsville

Amber Winkelman, Kingston

Susan Wood, Cartersville



Ryan Barnett, Temple

Joshua Davison, Villa Rica

Latasha Johnson, Temple

Gregory Plagemann, Villa Rica

Zachary Touchstone, Villa Rica



Tania Simpson, Ringgold



Garren Clark, Summerville

Norberto Hernandez, Summerville

MaCayla Mobley, Summerville

Kaitlin Montgomery, Summerville

Levi Thomas, Trion

Dakota Thurston, Summerville

Kristin Tudor, Menlo



Savanna Adams, Canton

Samuel Boice, Canton

Austin Brown, Canton

Leonard Carrese, Woodstock

Emily Cash, Acworth

Rebecca Chandler, Canton

Mary Crosby, Canton

Alexandra Deaton, Canton

Emily Dominiak, Acworth

Rebecca Fischer, Canton

Kayla Gravitt, Canton

Alyssa Green, Acworth

Catherine Illies, Woodstock

Brittney Jenks, Cumming

Brooke Johnson, Canton

Nichole Johnson, Acworth

Leyda Lozano-hernandez, Woodstock

Logan Mixson, Ball Ground

Aaron Moore, Acworth

Briana Nerio, Canton

Allison Palmer, Canton

Ariel Rhue, Acworth

Emily Robertson, Canton

Lisa Rose, Canton

Kathryn Shortell, Canton

Hayley Sirmons, Acworth

Mark Spano, Acworth

Christina Ucci, Acworth

John Vaughan, Acworth

Leah Waagen, Canton

Harper Wall, Woodstock

Madison Wheatley, White



Daniel Adekanmbi, Acworth

Michelle Alberto, Acworth

Jerry Antwi, Acworth

Mark Arthen, Kennesaw

Theresa Arthen, Kennesaw

Allison Barden, Acworth

Brett Baxter, Powder Springs

Anna Bean, Marietta

Paulina Bennett, Marietta

Sarah Beno, Marietta

Robyn Booher, Marietta

Eric Bounyasith, Marietta

Olga Boyarshynova, Marietta

Emma Bradley, Acworth

Rebecca Browne, Kennesaw

Alyssa Butler, Kennesaw

Victoria Calvert, Acworth

Ana Cardenas, Atlanta

Suzanne Cheely, Kennesaw

Catherine Cooper, Marietta

Brooke Costner, Powder Springs

Hope Davis, Acworth

Tania Diaz, Smyrna

Dajah Dixon, Acworth

Kieu Dorsey, Acworth

Lauren Eckman, Marietta

Andrew Ellithorpe, Kennesaw

Ein Findley, Powder Springs

Elizabeth Frye, Kennesaw

Steven Garcia, Smyrna

Makenzie Glass, Kennesaw

Lauren Glenn, Marietta

Greta Herron, Acworth

Senna Houston, Marietta

Muhamed Imneina, Acworth

Donna Joseph, Marietta

Rebekah Keenan, Powder Springs

Irfan Khan, Marietta

Lamin Kuyateh, Austell

Taylor Lambertson, Acworth

Jose Lara, Atlanta

Euijin Lee, Marietta

Margaret Lewis, Acworth

Melissa Lopez, Powder Springs

Karla Melo, Marietta

Morya Mora, Marietta

Deanna Morgan, Marietta

Malaun Nelson, Kennesaw

Minh Nguyen, Marietta

Tobiloba Owolabi, Powder Springs

Jose Pacas, Austell

Jordan Parks, Smyrna

Beth Pereira, Powder Springs

Cynthia Preciado, Smyrna

Nallely Rendon, Kennesaw

Tiesha Rogers, Marietta

Jose Romero, Kennesaw

Spencer Rowe, Powder Springs

Robert Satcher, Powder Springs

Morgan Scott, Marietta

Lilia Scott-Jones, Kennesaw

Kylie Semper, Acworth

Natia Shaw, Austell

Amber Skonicki, Powder Springs

Lauren Smith, Marietta

Caroline Southern, Powder Springs

Yocelyn Suarez, Austell

Sophonie Theodore, Powder Springs

Oleg Tkachenko, Powder Springs

Alexis Tomas, Kennesaw

Courtney Ulmer, Smyrna

Christian Villarreal, Powder Springs

Christen Wehunt, Marietta

Carson West, Acworth

Stephanie Woodard, Mableton



Um-sajid Ahmad, Ellenwood



Joseph Bruce, Douglasville

Molli Brunsvold, Douglasville

Deddeh Gayflor, Douglasville

Cindy Gutierrez, Douglasville

Jelena Hooi, Douglasville

Spencer Johnson, Douglasville

Andy Ledbetter, Douglasville

Kristy Muse, Douglasville

Daniel Reynolds, Douglasville

Angel Robbins, Douglasville

John Robbins, Douglasville

Madison Scogin, Winston

Evan Shadix, Douglasville

Riley Shearon, Whitesburg

Madison Signoret, Winston

Chantelle Toussaint, Douglasville

Casey Vosselman, Douglasville



Andani Angeles, Rome

Courtney Baron, Rome

Alexis Beard, Lindale

Brian Beckman, Rome

Kayla Blanco, Rome

Joshua Bomer, Rome

Allison Brumbelow, Rome

Esmeralda Buitrago Ariza, Rome

Lillian Chesnut, Rome

Lyric Choat, Rome

Sarah Corbitt, Rome

Jackson Cosper, Rome

Andrew Dulaney, Cave Spring

Mason Edwards, Rome

Haley Epstein, Lindale

Elvia Escutia-Cruz, Rome

Olivia Fortner, Rome

Preston Frazier, Silver Creek

Craig Gartman, Rome

Zahrina Ghani, Rome

Kenzie Green, Silver Creek

Danielle Griesemer, Rome

Justin Hardin, Armuchee

Mckenzie Hardy, Rome

Jessica Howell, Rome

Amber Hubbard, Rome

Heidi Hubbard, Rome

Kayla Jameson, Rome

Heather Keeney, Cave Spring

Nancy Keeney, Cave Spring

Rachael Keeney, Cave Spring

Ryan Keeney, Cave Spring

Kailey Kelley, Silver Creek

Lamya Khateeb Jabara, Rome

Maha Khatib, Rome

Kaitlen Kiser, Rome

Rebecca Lansdell, Rome

Giselle Martinez, Rome

Jenna Mccollum, Aragon

Chloe Mccord, Rome

Cary Morgan, Rome

Bethany Mostella, Rome

Trent Mull, Rome

Joanna Mullenax, Rome

Amber Munday, Rome

Tammy Parson, Rome

Dilan Patel, Rome

Cynthia Paz-calderon, Rome

Michael Peters, Rome

Avery Powers, Rome

Riley Purdy, Calhoun

Vanity Romano, Shannon

Kelly Samson, Rome

Katie Schreiber, Rome

Anna Schreier, Rome

Shayna Thompson, Rome

Jason Threadgill, Rome

Chloe Tilton, Rome

Haydn Turner, Aragon

Emily Van Kleef, Rome

Julissa Vazquez, Rome

Samantha Warner, Rome

Dicie Waters, Rome

Nicholas Whelchel, Rome

Hannah White, Rome

Jonathan White, Rome

Maria Winn, Rome

John Yancey, Shannon



Lauren Chapman, Atlanta

Mary Karamarkovich, Alpharetta

Sarah Mcdonald, Atlanta

Jennifer Schubert, Atlanta

Denise Woods, Atlanta



Hannah Arthur, Calhoun

Alicia Belcher, Calhoun

Macy Burggraf, Calhoun

Daniel Castillo-Matthews, Calhoun

Harleigh Chastain, Fairmount

Aaron Hunter Grizzle, Ranger

Sergio Hernandez, Calhoun

Casey Higginbotham, Calhoun

Tiffany Kimbrell, Calhoun

Kayleigh Milton, Calhoun

Shelly Richmond, Calhoun

Johnathan Torres, Calhoun



Blanton Jimerson, Gainesville



Rebecca Craig, Tallapoosa

Kannon Madden, Buchanan

April Smith, Bremen



Sylvia Pearson, Greenville



Hope Allen, Dallas

Wendy Arreguin Gonzalez, Dallas

Erin Beasley, Hiram

Brittany Broome, Dallas

Nathaniel Carr, Dallas

Stephanie Cervantes, Dallas

Andrew Colbert, Dallas

April Cole, Dallas

Hannah Coleman, Dallas

Ashlynn Copen, Dallas

Genna Corley, Dallas

Nicole Corrao, Acworth

Anna Craton, Dallas

Edward Dascanio, Dallas

Patrick Dolph, Dallas

Jessica Donahue, Acworth

Emily Dowse, Acworth

Hannah Ernst, Douglasville

Mariah Evans, Hiram

Brooke Fitzgerald, Dallas

Nina Franklin, Dallas

Kiley Freeman, Dallas

Jessica Gates, Hiram

Kenzie Hagerty, Hiram

Sarah Hiers, Acworth

Linda Hill, Douglasville

Amylee Jeffries, Dallas

Makiah Jordan, Hiram

Sydney Keener, Dallas

Ansley Lane, Dallas

Brandon Leckie, Douglasville

Kara Ledbetter, Dallas

Mikayla Lewis, Hiram

Chandler Loper, Dallas

John Lucas, Dallas

Leila McDaniel, Hiram

Ava Mickelson, Douglasville

Jackson Morris, Dallas

Erin Peterson, Dallas

Rachel Pettigrew, Dallas

William Pitts, Dallas

Brooke Robertson, Dallas

Madison Runion, Dallas

Alyssa Ryan, Dallas

Jarold Saunderson, Dallas

Hannah Sermersheim, Dallas

Ariel Skinner, Dallas

Brooke Smith, Temple

Autumn Sprayberry, Dallas

Taylor Strupp, Hiram

Donna Tempelman, Dallas

Taylor Thaxton, Dallas

Vasilena Foxy Vasileva, Dallas

Taylor Voraphongphibul, Rockmart

Dillon White, Temple

Mary Whitner, Dallas

Caleb Winfrey, Dallas

Craig Wood, Dallas



Lisa Donohue, Jasper

Julie Hak, Talking Rock



Ebrahem Abdul-rahman, Cedartown

Rebecca Alexander, Cedartown

Brooklyn Brame, Cedartown

Kaley Brown, Rockmart

Nancy Cervantes, Cedartown

Faith Cheeks, Cedartown

Kaila Chivers, Cedartown

Alexis Folsom, Cedartown

Guessly Gonzalez, Cedartown

Charles Griffith, Cedartown

Kaleb Johnston, Cedartown

Jordan Lee, Taylorsville

Logan Maddox, Cedartown

Benjamin Nash, Rockmart

Jennifer Palacios, Cedartown

Ellye Puckett, Cedartown

Katlyn Register, Rockmart

Ethan Runyon, Cedartown

Emma Sheffield, Cedartown

John Sparks, Cedartown

Dakota Wheeler, Rockmart

Megan White, Rockmart

Abigail Williams, Cedartown

Aubrie Wolfe, Aragon



Ethan Youngblood, Rabun Gap



Jodie Bennett, Blairsville



Adrian Fraire, Tunnel Hill


The following students were named to the Dean’s List (by state and county):



Faith Affolder, Cartersville

Oskar Arnold, Cartersville

Levi Ayers, Cartersville

Elijah Bagley, Aragon

Samantha Battle, Cartersville

Yanik Beckley, Cartersville

Molly Belcher, Cartersville

Jasmain Belew, Adarisville

Andrew Belisle, Cartersville

Maria Belman, Cartersville

Brandon Benham, Euharlee

Joria Brooks, Adairsville

Marissa Brooky, Cartersville

Cody Brown, Euharlee

Dustin Brown, Rydal

Makenna Brown, Cartersville

Gloria Brownlow, Adairsville

Carly Bucy, Cartersville

Kelsey Bunch, Cartersville

Graham Cargle, Kingston

Linet Chege, Cartersville

Gavin Cissa, White

Stephen Clark, Taylorsville

Mayco Contreras, Cartersville

Arlene Cornejo Orizaba, Cartersville

Maria Crespo, Cartersville

Michele Crowe, Cartersville

William Crowe, Cartersville

Jesus De La Cruz, Cartersville

Jessica Dean, Cartersville

Bryan Dittrich, Cartersville

Callaway Dodd, Cartersville

Ansley Dougharty, Cartersville

Amanda Dougherty, Kingston

Babie Flores, Cartersville

Ryan Frazier, Rydal

Sierrah Gani, Cartersville

Aaron Green, Cartersville

Jocelyn Greene, Adairsville

Joseph Griggs, Taylorsville

Heather Hall, Cartersville

Parker Hardin, Cartersville

Kenneth Harrell, Cartersville

Braden Harris, Cartersville

Leah Hill, Kingston

Kyrah Holley, Cartersville

Annie Holsomback, Cartersville

Dalton Jackson, Cartersville

Deasia Jefferson, Cartersville

Kimberly Johnson, Cartersville

Dana Jones, Kingston

Jordan Kale, Cartersville

Charlotte Kittle, Euharlee

Ty Klein, Cartersville

Asia Knox, Cartersville

Heather Kready, Cartersville

Madeline Lee, Cartersville

Soyoung Lemonds, Cartersville

Chelsea Leon, Euharlee

Anna Magill, Adairsville

Leah Martin, Cartersville

Cynthia Mata, Cartersville

Matthew Mathias, Cartersville

Aubrey Mayweather, Cartersville

Hunter Mccreary, Cartersville

Linuel Mcghee, Cartersville

Kelsey Mckinley, Cartersville

Mayron Medina, Cartersville

Blanca Melendez, Cartersville

Karen Mercado, Cartersville

Brianna Miller, Cartersville

Caliope Miron, Cartersville

Isela Moraga, Cartersville

Chandler Morris, Cartersville

Haley Murphy, Cartersville

Vincent Myrick, Cartersville

Gabriel Nelson, Cartersville

Fidelia Martha Omondi, Cartersville

Morgan Ong, Cartersville

Caleb Parker, White

Karishmaben Patel, Cartersville

Sahil Patel, Cartersville

William Patterson, Taylorsville

Alexandria Payne, White

Jacinda Pender, Cartersville

Kourtney Perry, Cartersville

Thomas Peters, Cartersville

Yathziri Pineda, Cartersville

Amanda Planchet, Cartersville

Madison Poe, Cartersville

Marcus Porter, Taylorsville

Jacob Rawlinson, Euharlee

Katie Ray, Adairsville

William Reeves, Euharlee

Victoria Roach, Cartersville

Kelli Rollins, Cartersville

Andre Sanders, Cartersville

Madison Sanford, Cartersville

Emily Sharp, Cartersville

Abigail Smith, Euharlee

Kaya Smith, Cartersville

Peter Squires, Cartersville

Nona Stahlecker, Acworth

Lynsey Sutton, Cartersville

Dalton Swanson, Cartersville

Zachery Taylor, Cartersville

Zackary Vandenburg, Euharlee

Lauren Varner, Cartersville

Jaylen Vaughn, Cartersville

Lydia Vavases, Cartersville

Cecilia Vazquez Pineda, Fairmount

Harrison Vicknair, Cartersville

Larissa Ware, Cartersville

Nathan Warner, Euharlee

Savannah Welch, Cartersville

Kayleigh Wheat, Cartersville

Bree’ah Whitehead, Cartersville

Kyra Williams, Cartersville

Tyjonnah Winters, Cartersville

Brandy Wise, Cartersville

Austin Yarborough, Cartersville



Kelly Timms, Macon



Abigail Michel, Villa Rica

Victoria Moses, Villa Rica

Robert Shipp, Villa Rica

Destiny West, Villa Rica



Autumn Bandy, Trion

Jessica Battles, Lyerly

Adriana Bautista-florentino, Summerville

Rhonda Brown, Trion

Murphy Browning, Summerville

William Champion, Summerville

William Driggers, Summerville

Magda Jimenez, Trion

Melissa Johnson, Trion

Jenifer Lopez, Summerville

Joel Mosqueda-Arreola, Trion

Katherine Navarro, Trion

Taylor Ratliff, Lyerly

Jessica Smith, Summerville

Anna Whitt, Summerville



Johan Avila, Woodstock

Brady Barker, Woodstock

Brandt Bettis, Acworth

Reagan Carr, Woodstock

Morgan Childers, Canton

Chase Clayton, Woodstock

Makaila Coggins, Canton

Marissa Collett, Woodstock

Talley Collins, Ball Ground

Alfredo Coronado, Canton

Jackie Croft, Canton

Laura Dearing, Waleska

Brandon Dobbs, Canton

Mckenna Eidson, Acworth

Michelle Filipova, Woodstock

Joshua Francis, Woodstock

Stephanie Ham, Canton

Alexis Hampton, Nelson

Haley Hawthorne, Waleska

Morgan Hendrix, Ball Ground

Casey Horton, Woodstock

Logan Icard, Woodstock

Alexandra Kologe, Canton

Rachel Long, Canton

Esther Montalvo, Woodstock

Areli Pineda, Acworth

Haley Prouty, Acworth

Kindell Reeves, Canton

Emily Renegar, Canton

Alex Richardson, White

Joshua Rusher, Woodstock

Daphne Segovia, Acworth

Caleb Smith, Woodstock

Ashleigh Stafford, Canton

Mary Stevenson, Woodstock

Ashley Storck, Canton

Ethan Underwood, Woodstock

Abbey Weaver, Canton

Logan White, Canton

Anna Winters, Acworth

Wesley Wyrick, Canton

Hera Atena Yagonia, Canton



Aniya Jackson, Riverdale

Adaeze Osy-odife, Hampton



Arturo Abarca, Marietta

Neveen Abaza, Marietta

Maria Acosta-Lopez, Marietta

Marshall Adams, Kennesaw

Diana Alonso, Smyrna

Elisabeth Archer, Kennesaw

Jessica Avila, Acworth

Vladislava Bodnariuc, Kennesaw

Kathleen Brack, Kennesaw

Evonna Bracy, Austell

Connor Breese, Kennesaw

Erin Bryant, Acworth

Robert Burrell, Powder Springs

Ambria Burton, Marietta

Maria Calvario Tula, Smyrna

Clayton Capalbo, Acworth

David Carter, Kennesaw

Lorenzo Caseiro, Kennesaw

Ghoson Chabayta, Marietta

Brent Chadwick, Kennesaw

John Chester, Acworth

Brianna Clark, Powder Springs

Emily Cole, Acworth

Charles Crider, Smyrna

Danielle Curto, Acworth

Peyton Darling, Powder Springs

Sarah Dew, Kennesaw

Bianca Dingle, Marietta

Leiv Dorsinvil, Marietta

Akira Dunn, Marietta

Mackenzie Duvall, Kennesaw

Barton Evans, Kennesaw

Ruth Ezenweani, Marietta

Zachary Ferer, Kennesaw

Jacqueline Fernandez, Marietta

Leslie Fernandez, Marietta

Rachel Foster, Acworth

Carsyn Gambrell, Acworth

Amber Geiger, Marietta

Cindy Giles, Smyrna

Tristin Gilliand, Powder Springs

Melissa Guillen, Smyrna

Sydnie Hand, Powder Springs

Cullen Henderson, Austell

Jasmine Hernandez, Acworth

Amir Hosein, Marietta

Shelby Hughes, Acworth

Ashton Huppert, Acworth

Armando Irizarry-Vazquez, Marietta

Carl Jacka, Kennesaw

Ariel Jones, Marietta

Mahin Keen, Marietta

Jacquelyn Keeton, Acworth

Muhammad Khan, Marietta

Frank Kingsley, Acworth

Victoria Kisella-Smith, Acworth

Nepenukezik Lajimodiere, Atlanta

Xiquera Lambert, Marietta

Julio Langarica, Marietta

Samuel Lewis, Acworth

Zachary Lewis, Acworth

Maria Lopez, Powder Springs

Trevor Margolin, Powder Springs

Tyler Marshall, Smyrna

Asminda Martinez, Marietta

Charles Maxwell, Marietta

Jessie Mccraney, Marietta

Stephanie Melcher, Acworth

Jeremiah Mendoza, Kennesaw

Cindy Mendoza Razo, Kennesaw

William Messina, Acworth

Sarah Miles, Marietta

Madison Mosteller, Canton

Reagan Murner, Kennesaw

Joshua Murphy, Powder Springs

Andrew O’Brien, Marietta

Makeda Parker, Marietta

Jasmine Perez, Acworth

Michelle Perez, Marietta

Melanie Portillo, Kennesaw

Brittany Pratt, Woodstock

Gabriella Primiano, Marietta

Ashley Rabanales, Marietta

Ramon Rivera, Marietta

Jeffrey Romero, Kennesaw

Patricia Rubacha, Kennesaw

Kylie Schmidt, Acworth

Jocelyn Sebastian, Smyrna

Kellie Shirie, Marietta

Monica Silva, Marietta

Jacquelin Silvano, Marietta

Cailey Steinberg, Marietta

Zachariah Stewart, Powder Springs

Lauren Stoffer, Acworth

Rhamaia Taylor, Marietta

Nicholas Toomer, Acworth

Alexia Treadaway, Acworth

Courtney Tucker, Powder Springs

Javon Tucker, Acworth

Michelle Vaccaro, Marietta

Jessica Valdez, Marietta

Brandy Velasquez, Marietta

Erik Warner, Powder Springs

Zachariah Watson, Acworth

Cooper White, Kennesaw

Michael Wilkin, Acworth

Elise Wymer, Acworth

Victoria Zamarron, Mableton



Susan Freeman, Newnan



Kayden Moore, Trenton



Miriam Claudia Graham, Eastman



Allison Allen, Villa Rica

Ansleigh Bentley, Villa Rica

Brianna Bogner, Douglasville

Emorie Bonner, Douglasville

Alexander Chukwuelue, Douglasville

Christopher Collins, Douglasville

Madelyn Edger, Douglasville

Anna Elliott, Douglasville

Ilya Ferenchuk, Lithia Springs

Andrew Fields, Douglasville

Caleb Hornback, Douglasville

Zachary Jamison, Douglasville

Brooklynn Jenkins, Douglasville

Nicolette Kelley-vargas, Douglasville

Kimberly Kreider, Douglasville

Yancie Lopez, Douglasville

Joshua McCrary, Douglasville

Stephanie Mcgee, Douglasville

Nonjabulo Ncwaba, Douglasville

Calil Palmer, Villa Rica

Nyah Patterson, Lithia Springs

Paul Pieper, Douglasville

Alexcia Salvant, Douglasville

Jordan Scott, Douglasville

Hailey Sosa, Villa Rica

Gabriel Strawn, Winston

Porchia Williams, Douglasville



Laura Falls, Mineral Bluff



Madhavi Scharko, Tyrone



Karen Abadio Lopez, Rome

Kayley Agan, Rome

Mercedes Ajanel, Rome

Itzel Angeles, Rome

Brinsley Bagley, Rome

Ethan Bartlett, Rome

Elizabeth Beaver, Rome

Katherine Blankenship, Rome

Kaitlyn Broadaway, Rome

Stephanie Buitrago-Ariza, Rome

Merilyn Bustos, Rome

Naisha Cammack, Rome

Alana Carroll, Shannon

Joshua Chambers, Rome

Kilian Chapman, Rome

Spencer Clark, Aragon

Davaughn Clayton, Lindale

Damian Coffia, Rome

Carly Comer, Rome

Kansas Coronado, Rome

Fraidenes Deleon Gramajo, Rome

Wendy Delgado, Rome

Martha Delreal, Rome

Melissa Delreal, Rome

Marvin Domingo, Rome

Johnna Edwards, Rome

Wesley Fednander, Rome

Kathryn Forsyth, Aragon

Wilkins Getchell, Rome

Amelia Goble, Lindale

Alexandra Gonzalez, Rome

Carson Graham, Silver Creek

Jackson Greer, Rome

Grayson Grimes, Rome

Paige Gumienny, Rome

Peyton Hancock, Rome

Rebekah Harbin, Cave Spring

Tori Hardy, Lindale

Cailee Hix, Rome

Jasmine Holley, Rome

Natalie Hubbard, Rome

Chrystal Jenkins, Rome

Kimberly Jenkins, Rome

Noora Khateeb Jabara, Rome

Arafat Khatib, Rome

Shelsea Lamboy, Cave Spring

David Legg, Silver Creek

Justin Leonard, Rome

Chera Leroy, Rome

Elizabeth Livingston, Rome

Alyssa Logan, Rome

Miguel Luna, Rome

Christina Manuel, Rome

Kayla Mathis, Rome

Anna Mcburnett, Rome

Sarah Monson, Rome

Autumn Moore, Rome

Lindsay Mullen, Rome

Lyons Nida, Rome

Maggie Oakes, Rome

Gabriela Orellana, Rome

Ravena Patel, Rome

Lucas Perry, Rome

Tonya Peterson, Lindale

Alexis Pullen, Rome

Lucas Purdy, Calhoun

Andrew Rainey, Rome

Ashleigh Ray, Cave Spring

Caleb Ray, Rome

Rachel Rentz, Rome

Denisa Reyes, Silver Creek

Luke Rhinehart, Rome

Shelby Roberts, Rome

Ansley Roden, Rome

Ricardo Sanchez, Rome

Cassandra Smith, Rome

Lauren Stephens, Cave Spring

Ashlynn Sutton, Rome

Samuel Traylor, Rome

Stephanie Valencia, Rome

Madelyn Wilkes, Rome

Kasey Williamon, Rome

Gabriella Woods, Rome



Hilary Baldwin, Cumming



Marianne Kadamani, Alpharetta

Travis Sands, Johns Creek



Cheyenne Adcock, Calhoun

Judith Anguiano Palmerin, Calhoun

Makenna Bryan, Calhoun

Rhett Burgess, Calhoun

Shannon Cox, Resaca

Odai Garrido, Calhoun

Kirsten Gordon, Calhoun

Russell Johnson, Fairmount

Miriam Lister, Calhoun

Jacy Meadows, Fairmount

Addison Mealer, Fairmount

Michala Petty, Calhoun

Stefany Rodriguez, Resaca

Katlyn Sexton, Calhoun



Erin Foley, Suwanee

Caroline Musco, Suwanee

Danielle Romatz, Buford



Joshua Jefferson, Bremen



Kennedy Anderson, Hampton

Elizabeth Fisher, Stockbridge



Rachel Radney, Barnesville



Taylor Shuman, Chatsworth



Austin Foster, Upatoi



Madeline Allen, Hiram

Justin Anderson, Dallas

Cassidy Autenrieth, Dallas

Savannah Barker, Dallas

Taylor Bebout, Rockmart

Madison Bishop, Dallas

Jordan Bowzard, Douglasville

Kortney Bryant, Hiram

Maxxi Bryant, Dallas

Maahrough Camara, Temple

Kaelie Campbell-Poole, Dallas

Bryan Chappell, Dallas

Gregory Chenoweth, Dallas

Richard Chewning, Dallas

Andjelo Chopov, Dallas

Ansley Clower, Dallas

Ryley Cole, Acworth

Lauren Dello Joio, Dallas

Kelsey Dunham, Dallas

Emily Dutton, Dallas

Enoch Edusei, Dallas

Kaitlyn Fiori, Dallas

Jason Frederick, Dallas

Ryan Gaddis, Dallas

Alyssa Gilbert, Powder Springs

Sarah Gillespie, Dallas

Kristen Gravett, Dallas

Mandy Halleck, Powder Springs

Victoria Hardy, Hiram

Susan Harrison, Dallas

Chloe Hibbard, Dallas

Jasmine Hill, Acworth

Parker Hobbs, Dallas

Caitlyn Ingram, Hiram

James Janes, Dallas

Madison Jett, Dallas

Hayden Johnson, Acworth

Taylor Johnson, Dallas

Kyndall King, Dallas

Cindy Lopez, Dallas

Jose Lopez, Dallas

Sharmell Mahadeo, Rockmart

Lisa Mahaffey, Douglasville

Jacqueline Mancia, Douglasville

Andrew Marks, Dallas

Taylor Mccartney, Dallas

Bailey Mcdowell, Dallas

Kensley Mcdowell, Dallas

Maeghan Mckean, Dallas

Brandon Moore, Dallas

Breanna Moore, Dallas

Ciera Morris, Douglasville

Renique Mullings, Dallas

Emily Nails, Acworth

Margaret Ndegwa, Powder Springs

Phillip Nguyen, Dallas

Felicia Padgett, Dallas

Madison Parham, Hiram

Hunter Pittman, Acworth

Joshua Pitts, Dallas

Brian Powell, Douglasville

Jacob Ray, Dallas

Eden Reynolds, Hiram

Taylor Shipp, Dallas

Ginny Smith, Dallas

Madelyn Smith, Dallas

Bailey Stilwell, Dallas

Nicholas Tibbitts, Dallas

Mckenzie Trader, Temple

Andrew Vahanian, Dallas

Nathanael White, Dallas

Hannah Wilczynski, Acworth

William Wilkins, Dallas

Barbara Wooley, Dallas



Autumn Young, Jasper



Breanna Normandy, Williamson



Sameeh Abdul-Rahman, Cedartown

Guillermo Aguilar, Cedartown

Jessica Barber, Rockmart

Hannah Brown, Rockmart

Jada Brumbelow, Aragon

Collin Coleman, Cedartown

Briceyda Cortes-Leon, Cedartown

Nancy Cruz, Cedartown

Amy Dutton, Rockmart

Cassidy Fincher, Cedartown

Mitchell Findley, Rockmart

Heaven Forsyth, Aragon

Jo Anne Francis, Cedartown

Gabrielle Glenn, Cedartown

Alexus Green, Cedartown

Gabrielle Haynes, Rockmart

Andrea Haywood, Cedartown

Madison Hulsey, Rockmart

Cameron Johnson, Rockmart

Colton Jones, Cedartown

Avery Lawrence, Cedartown

Sarah Locklear, Rockmart

Maggie Marchbanks, Cedartown

Shannon Meeks, Cedartown

Rose Meus, Cedartown

Rafael Nunez, Cedartown

Jason Parker, Cedartown

Samuel Pollard, Cedartown

Dylen Royer, Cedartown

Nekoda Self, Cedartown

Hannah Sparks, Cedartown

Mary Vaughn, Cedartown

Hannah West, Rockamart



Lindsey Hannah, La Fayette



Keershton Camara, Rockmart



Blake Brady, Greenville, SC


Four GHC employees retire with over 100 years of cumulative service


Four longtime Georgia Highlands College employees, with over 100 years of service between them, will be retiring in 2019. The retirees encompass faculty, staff and administrators, and span four different college divisions and two instructional sites.

Kristie Kemper (40 years)

With 40 years of service, Professor of English Kristie Kemper is GHC’s most senior faculty member. She received her Master of Arts in English and Doctor of Philosophy in English from the University of Tennessee. She later completed post graduate work at the University of Southern Mississippi. Kemper began her career at GHC in September 1979 after teaching for four years in Tennessee and West Virginia. She received tenure at GHC in September 1985 and was promoted to Professor in September 1991.

In addition to her invaluable work as a professor, Kemper has served the college in countless ways throughout her four decades at GHC. She has served on nearly every standing faculty committee, along with special committees, search committees, and the GHC Branding Team. Kemper was a founding member of the Chargers Athletics Booster Club and has led GHC’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors. She has also served as the voice for the faculty as a whole as the elected faculty representative to the GHC Instructional Council.

Kemper has been faculty advisor to the student newspaper, The Six Mile Post, for 39 years. During that time, the publication has won numerous state, regional, and national awards of excellence. For 34 years, she has coordinated and developed the Alabama Shakespeare Festival Trip for students, faculty and staff, and others in the community. Additionally, she has helped with the English Majors Association, served as a student success coach, and judged speech competitions and literary meets.

In 2003, Kemper was the recipient of the Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award for two-year and state college faculty. She has been selected as a participant in three National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminars for college teachers. In February 2014, Kemper received the Wilton C. Scott Award for Excellence in Scholastic Journalism presented by the Southern Regional Press Institute. She was inducted into the Southern Regional Press Institute’s Hall of Fame in its inaugural 2016 class. She was presented with the Wesley C. Walraven Faculty Award in 2015 and was chosen as the Mace Bearer for commencement in 2019.

Kemper officially retires in August, though she hopes to remain involved with GHC as a tutor or Chargers Athletics Booster Club volunteer. Though she says she will miss the interactions between students and faculty and staff, along with working with the Six Mile Post staff, she looks forward to having more time for reading, writing, traveling, and visiting family.

Donna Miller (29 years)

Donna Miller has taught and watched over 300 dental hygienists graduate and go on to provide dental care throughout the state and the country over her 29 years as Director of Dental Hygiene. She started with the program in 1990 when it was still part of the Medical College of Georgia and has managed it ever since, including through its transition to GHC in 1998. Her leadership has secured accreditation for the program by the Commission on Dental Accreditation in 1997, 2004, 2011 and 2018.

Outside of teaching, Miller has served GHC on various committees and councils, from Environmental Health and Safety Committee to the Academic Council. She has also served as the advisor for the Student American Dental Hygienist Club. Outside of work, she has served the Rome community through volunteer work. In recognition of this, she was awarded the Community Involvement – Administrator award by GHC in 2018. This award recognizes a staff member who demonstrates a passion for making a difference by sharing their spirit, positive attitude and time with others.

Miller retires at the end of May, with the class of 2019 as her 28th graduating class. She says she will miss her coworkers and the sense of teamwork at GHC, along with her interactions with students. After retirement, she will be moving to South Carolina to be near family, where she hopes to continue volunteering with CASA and in the hospice field. She is also interested in working with older adults and advocating for those who need assistance with healthcare and life issues.

Paulette Jordan (26 years)

Paulette P. Jordan began her career at GHC as a student assistant. In 1993, she officially joined the staff as a Lab Assistant. Throughout her 26 years with GHC, she continued to embrace a love of learning. She completed three associate degrees at GHC and was just a few credits shy of a fourth. She also made sure to take each and every course for which she served as the Lab Assistant.

Outside of the lab, Jordan was extensively involved in faculty and staff initiatives at the Floyd campus. She planned countless much-loved luncheons as her time as an Ambassador and was a founding member of the Floyd College Choir. She also assisted with the Baptist Student Union and numerous basketball tournaments.

Jordan retired from GHC in April. She will be using her newfound time to visit family in Michigan and continue her mission work domestically and internationally. She says she will miss the wonderful people at GHC that she considers her family, especially her former supervisor Jason Christian and the Physical Plant and custodial teams, who she says are the “backbone of the college.”

Phillip Kimsey (13 years)

Phillip Kimsey has worked at GHC as Director of Physical Plant since 2006. In this role, he carries out the division’s mission of maintaining and enhancing buildings, grounds and the physical infrastructure in a cost-effective, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

In his 13 years of service with GHC, Kimsey has led Physical Plant through several major projects. He has led the team in a complete renovation of the Heritage Hall site, the openings of both the Paulding and Douglasville instructional sites and the expansion of the Cartersville instructional site. He has also served GHC on the Capital Expenditures Committee.

Kimsey says he will miss being involved in the growth and expansion of GHC but is looking forward to traveling after his retirement in June. He also hopes to begin work in designing homes.

Foundation Camp volunteer shares his story with campers, Applications currently being accepted

campers with ike

As Foundation Camp volunteer Dr. Ike will tell you, in addition to all the fun activities and the chance to experience life on a college campus, Foundation Camp gives campers strong role models, support, and encouragement.

The goal for Dr. Ike and all of the Foundation Camp volunteers is to make a difference in each camper’s life.

Applications are currently being accepted for the annual Foundation Camp for boys between the ages of 10 and 14 at Georgia Highlands College. The camp is two weeks and begins on June 24th and ends on July 3rd.

The camp, which is one of several partnerships between the 100 Black Men of Rome-Northwest Georgia and Georgia Highlands College, is funded by generous donors and the GHC Foundation, giving students the opportunity to attend the camp free of charge, including transportation and a breakfast and lunch.

The camp focuses on academics, athletics and enrichment courses intended to build self-respect and confidence, and to allow the young men to experience college.

Well over 100 kids attend Foundation Camp each year and enjoy numerous activities, such as canoeing, tennis, basketball, soccer, STEAM-related projects, biology and chemistry projects utilizing liquid nitrogen and a hovercraft, derby car racing, storytelling with live animals like an alligator, and more.

Foundation Camp is free, but there are a limited number of spaces available that are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To apply or for more information, contact Jon Hershey at

Still not sure? Find out how Foundation Camp has become a special part of Dr. Ike’s life:

Chukwuemeka Nwokike was born in Nigeria. But around here, he’s called Dr. Ike.

He’s sitting on some bleachers in the gym when five or six kids he’s been mentoring for two weeks dive on top of him. Foundation Camp is coming to a close. He’s spent most of his time connecting with the group of boys between the ages of 10 and 14. His goal: make a difference in their lives.

For Dr. Ike, support and encouragement are paths to success… and not to mention a lot of hard work.

Dr. Ike moved to Georgia from Nigeria in 1999. He was the oldest of six kids, so he spent his entire life taking care of his siblings. And it stuck. He was drawn to the medical field where the focus is taking care of people.

His first job in health care was as a janitor. He eventually became a medical assistant after obtaining a certificate from Everest Institute.

He went on to work at a pain management clinic, where things were really good for him. In fact, the best they had ever been.

“I worked there for a year,” he said. “They encouraged me to go back to school, but I was scared. I loved my job. It was the most money I had ever made, and I was working in an office.”

In 2009, Dr. Ike started taking classes at Georgia Highlands College. He decided he would advance his medical career and become a nurse.

And he’ll be the first to tell you he didn’t come thinking anybody would help him achieve his dream.

“I came to GHC with the mindset that I had to do this all on my own, but instead everyone was encouraging me. Many of the professors worked with me even after I left, keeping up with me and helping me. That’s why I did so well at GHC. I met a lot of great people here.”

That encouragement and fostering was enough for Dr. Ike to earn his nursing degree from GHC and start the road toward becoming a medical doctor. He went on to graduate from Morehouse School of Medicine in 2018. He is currently working through his residency in internal medicine at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

He shares his story with the kids at Foundation Camp, and he works to show them the same kind of support he was shown over the years. He wants to be the living proof of what they can achieve.

“We get to take kids in and spend two weeks with them, and you see so much change in them in those two weeks. You can really make a difference in their lives,” he said. “It’s like me when I came to GHC, I thought I was alone, and then I met people who supported me and wanted to support me.”

The camp, which is one of several partnerships between the 100 Black Men of Rome-Northwest Georgia and Georgia Highlands College, is funded by generous donors and the GHC Foundation, giving students the opportunity to attend the camp free of charge, including transportation and a breakfast and lunch.

The camp focuses on academics, athletics and enrichment courses intended to build self-respect and confidence, and to allow the young men to experience college.

“It’s our responsibility to help them. There’s a lot of fun activities and a lot of learning activities, but we’re here to help them grow. It’s necessary,” he said. “That’s why I make time to come to this camp. I’ll always make time to come help. That’s how much I believe in this camp.”