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One of the best kept secrets at Georgia Highlands College is the amount of amazing stories surrounding the lives of those at GHC—and how truly interconnected they all are. This has led to a growing number of stories from students, alumni, faculty, staff, community partners, donors, and many more, who all wish to express just how much GHC has made a difference in their lives.

Oliver Robbins never thought he could make a living doing something he loved. Find his story and more at Testimonials

What's Happening at Georgia Highlands College
  • student with parrot

    Future veterinarian saves over a hundred birds while attending college at GHC

    Brianna Stoddard walks to her door with a parrot on her shoulder. The blue and gold Macaw inches along Brianna’s arm, sidestepping to her hand. Brianna tells BB to say, “Hi.” The parrot’s head cocks from side to side. Its gold chest feathers rise a little and it shakes off with its long blue wings. […]

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  • GHC logo

    Criminal justice student receives $1,000 public safety scholarship

    Georgia Highlands College graduate Faruq Lawal has been awarded a $1,000 Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) Dream Scholarship. He is among 22 top students who will receive the award to encourage their pursuit of law enforcement/public safety careers by the professional public safety officers of LEEP. Lawal earned a 3.4 GPA at Georgia Highlands College, […]

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  • student looking at art on wall

    Booth Western Art Museum returns to GHC

    For a limited time, the public and students at GHC can view exclusive art at the GHC Cartersville Library from the Booth Western Art Museum of Cartersville.   Attendees will get to see art and photography by Liz Gentry and Pat Stephenson.   Gentry explained that she has six photographs and one oil painting on […]

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Fall Break
Students will be off for Fall Break from October 10-11. Read More ›
RN-BSN Deadline
The RN-BSN Completion Program is offered completely online so you will be able to continue working while going to school. Read More ›
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