Mission & Goals

Georgia Highlands College, a state college of the University System of Georgia under the governance of the Board of Regents, was founded in 1970 to provide educational opportunities for the physical, intellectual, and cultural development of a diverse population in seven northwest Georgia counties. With the advent of distance learning technologies, specialty programs, five thriving campus locations, and collaborative arrangements, the College has expanded its scope of influence beyond the institution’s original geographical area.


1 – Our Purpose

To provide access to a teaching and learning environment that prepares our students to thrive in a global society.


2 – Our Philosophy and Shared Values


The philosophy of Georgia Highlands College is expressed in the beliefs that education is essential to the intellectual, physical, economic, social, emotional, cultural, and environmental well-being of individuals and society and that education should be geographically and physically accessible and affordable.

In support of this philosophy, the College maintains a teaching/learning environment which promotes inclusiveness and provides educational opportunities, programs and services of excellence in response to documented needs.

Shared Values:

  1. Access  – making programs and services available within our service area
  2. Student Success –placing students’ goals at the heart of what we do
  3. Integrity – demonstrating an ethical approach by our words and actions
  4. Excellence – providing the highest level of quality service and teaching
  5. Freedom of expression –  allowing all campus constituents to share thoughts and feelings in an honorable  and open way
  6. Inclusiveness –appreciating and incorporating the uniqueness of all individuals
  7. Cooperation – modeling and forming collegial and productive relationships
  8. Passion –inspiring others to create an environment of teaching, learning and work where all parties grow and are challenged
  9. Critical Thinking –making decisions informed by  data and shaped by context
  10. Collaboration – building and fostering relationships that provide the highest mutual benefit to the college and the communities we serve


3 – Our Mission Statement and Mission Goals

Mission Statement:

The mission of Georgia Highlands College, a state college of the University System of Georgia, is to provide access to excellent educational opportunities for the intellectual, cultural and physical development of a diverse population through pre-baccalaureate associate degree transfer programs, career associate degree programs, and targeted baccalaureate degree programs that meet the economic development needs of the region.

Mission Goals:

To achieve this mission of being a gateway to success for students, Georgia Highlands College has articulated the following goals:

  • Effect quality teaching and learning focused on academic achievement and personal and professional growth.
  • Provide comprehensive student services that encourage and enable all students to be successful learners.
  • Engage students in a challenging atmosphere that prepares them for responsibility and leadership in an evolving global environment.
  • Utilize appropriate technologies to advance programs, services and operations to support teaching and learning.
  • Maintain efficient and effective administrative services and facilities to support all programs of the college.
  • Foster community relationships that facilitate partnering for mutual success.


4 – Our Vision Statement

To be the premier public, multi-campus institution of choice throughout our region, while serving as the state leader in transfer and retention within our sector.