Take Charge
of Your Future

There are several reasons to complete your degree here at GHC. Just with your associate degree alone, the average expected lifetime earnings increases by a million bucks!

Here are a few more reasons to earn your degree at GHC:

  • piggy bank

    Save Money

    GHC is nearly half the cost of larger colleges and universities.

  • money

    Make More Money

    Just a two-year degree alone dramatically increases your lifetime earnings.

  • Graduates

    Hold a Competitive Edge

    Some 60% of jobs in Georgia will require a college degree in the near future. Also, two-year grads earn up to 35% more than high school grads.

  • Worker at desk

    Get Hired

    Employers prefer students with a two-year degree over those with no degree.

  • Campus on map

    Transferring is Easier

    Colleges and universities accept more transfer credits on average from a completed two-year degree, making it easier to start as a junior.

  • medal

    Be More Successful

    Students who complete a two-year degree first are 72% more successful in completing their four-year degree.

  • degree

    Have a Degree

    Life happens! If you have to put college on hold while pursuing your four-year degree, already having your two-year degree means you are still a college graduate.

  • lock

    Lock in your Progress

    Completing a two-year degree “locks in” your college progress, meaning if you need to take some time off and start again later, your courses won’t depreciate over time.

  • Certificate

    Represent your Work

    Being able to show yourself, your family, friends, and employers you have the ability to set goals and achieve them is powerful!