Alumnus builds business on academic foundation GHC helped him create

student in front of flowering tree

In 2002, Derrick Lepard may have been a shy high school student taking his first class at Georgia Highlands College, but now, he owns his own business in Atlanta called Cultivators.

“GHC was a great stepping stone for me right out of high school,” he said. “I was somewhat reserved and shy right out of high school and the experiences at GHC helped get me outside of my comfort zone.”

Derrick’s dream job was to one day become an architect, but his passion was in plants and plant life.

He said that as a child he was always fascinated with plants, and since he grew up on a farm in Buchanan, Georgia, he was always outside.

Eventually, as he tackled classes at GHC and went on one of his favorite college trips (the geology trip to Wyoming), he found out he could combine the two things he wanted most.

Derrick decided he would become a landscape architect.

“Landscape architects analyze, plan, design, manage, and nurture the build and natural environments,” he said. “Landscape architects have a significant impact on communities and quality of life. They design parks, residences, campuses, streetscapes, trails, plazas, and other projects that help define a community.”

Derrick graduated from GHC and went on to the University of Georgia.

After finishing college, he started his own company in 2010.

“Cultivators is a design build landscape architecture company,” he said. “We are very hands on and work with residential and commercial clients in the Atlanta area.”

Derrick’s team has over 15 years combined experience in landscape architecture, landscape design, horticulture, and agriculture.

“I love the fact that every day is different, and I am my own boss at something that I am very passionate about.”

Derrick stated GHC helped him create a solid foundation, noting how he loves GHC’s flexibility to work with students to determine their best needs for the future.

“All the experiences I had at GHC have helped shape me into the person I am today,” he said, “and it has definitely helped me get where I am now.”


GHC faculty member’s grandfather honored by Polish Embassy for secretly saving hundreds during the Holocaust

faculty holding passport

In 2017, Georgia Highlands College Assistant Professor of Communication Alexandra Van Ryn MacMurdo Reiter was contacted by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Bern looking for more information about her grandfather.

“As you may know, your grandfather, a former Polish consul in Latvia in the 1930s and a head of the Political Section of the Polish Legation in Switzerland during WWII, is one of the Holocaust rescue heroes of an operation orchestrated between 1942 and 1943,” the Embassy informed her.

Alexandra’s grandfather was Stefan Ryniewicz.

“All I initially knew of my grandfather was that he was a Polish Diplomat who left Poland to go to Argentina,” Alexandra said. “Now I am learning that Stefan Ryniewicz was a true hero who saved many Jewish people from the horrors of the Holocaust.”

Stefan, she was told, played a crucial role in a secret rescue operation: smuggling in fake foreign passports for Jews.

He was responsible for maintaining contacts with the consuls of South American countries who were ready to disclose blank passports which were then filled with the names and photographs of Jews from the ghettoes.

He was in close contact with the members of the Jewish organizations which were providing the necessary personal data for the passports.

He was also responsible for the contacts with the Swiss authorities (ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice as well as Police) and the U.S. Embassy in Bern, in order to make sure everyone turned a blind eye on the procedure.

In 1942, Jews with foreign passports issued by neutral countries or the U.S. were looked over by Germans, since they were more valuable later as a trade commodity for other German citizens held captive abroad.

The ploy helped save hundreds of lives.

“Stefan was directly responsible for saving countless Jewish lives during the Holocaust, and my heart is full of pride,” Alexandra said. “I am just overwhelmed with emotion thinking about what my grandfather did.”

Stefan is buried with his wife in Buenos Aires.

In addition to reaching out for more information on her grandfather for recognition in future articles, books, and documentaries, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Bern asked for the location of Stefan’s place of burial in order to lay a wreath on his tombstone.

Alexandra was happy to provide that information and is proud to have this revelation about her grandfather brought to life. She stays in contact with her extended family who still lives in Argentina, but hopes to visit more.

“I was able to meet my grandfather Stefan when I was a very small child visiting Argentina, but I was too young to remember anything,” Alexandra said. “I was able to last visit my family in Argentina at Christmas time in 2014 and take my daughters to meet the family they only knew through stories. I hope to return again to visit my family in Argentina in the next few years. In addition, one day I plan to visit Krakow, Poland, where my father was born. It is important to me to be able to see and experience first-hand where part of my family history began.”

PICTURE: Georgia Highlands College Assistant Professor of Communication Alexandra Van Ryn MacMurdo Reiter holds up her grandfather’s passport.

GHC listed as best value for a two year degree in the state by federal report

Only two colleges were highlighted in Georgia during the White House’s recent unveiling of College Scorecard, a website designed to provide “the clearest, most accessible, and most reliable national data on college cost, graduation, debt, and post-college earnings.”

GHC was highlighted in the two-year category and Georgia Institute of Technology in the four-year category as colleges with the best value in the state.

The database was built to help students better understand which colleges will provide the best return on investment. In the two-year category, “45 two-year public colleges across the U.S. at which earnings exceed those of the typical two-year college” were highlighted.

Currently, students at GHC can earn an associate degree for less than $7,300. Additionally, Georgia Highlands College nabbed second on a list of the 30 most affordable online RN-BSN degree programs in the nation recently put out by Great Value Colleges, joining several colleges from across the nation, including the University of Texas, Indiana State University, and the University of Arkansas. California State University took the top spot.



Two-year list:



College Scorecard:

Great Value Colleges:

Longtime career journalist, world traveler settles back to his roots at GHC

man sitting in front of computer

Harold Campbell recounts the Watergate scandal, the end of the Vietnam War, and the start of the Iranian hostage crisis as he thinks back on his early decision to become a journalist during his first few years at Georgia Highlands College over 40 years ago.

From 1976 to 1978, Harold went to GHC, what was then called Floyd Junior College. He had a work/study position in the Public Information Office and was an assistant editor for the student newspaper, the Six Mile Post.

“I should say that my career actually began here at Georgia Highlands College. I wrote many news releases which were published in area newspapers and broadcast over area radio stations,” Harold said. “During my sophomore year, I won my first reporting award from the Georgia Collegiate Press Association for investigative reporting.”

Harold ultimately received his associate degree in journalism from GHC, before transferring to the University of Kansas, where he received his bachelor’s.

Having cut his teeth early on journalistic writing, Harold left college with a fervent appetite to do more.

“My first reporting job after graduation was at the Odessa American, where I was also a general assignment reporter and even helped out on sports. After a short time there, I returned to Kansas and worked at papers in Pittsburg, Independence, Chanute, and Salina. I also worked at the newspaper in Beatrice, Nebraska.”

Harold went on to work for daily newspapers for 25 years.

“I mainly covered local and state government and education, although I also wrote plenty of general news and features and even covered a murder trial or two,” he said. “I was interested in a lot of things as a reporter, but mainly how to communicate complex issues in an understandable way and giving a spotlight to people or places that might be forgotten or overlooked.”

Harold continued to climb the reporting ladder, working as the assistant editor at the Independence (Kansas) Daily Reporter from 1994-1999, and then later as the managing editor at the Beatrice (Nebraska) Daily Sun from 2005-2007.

On top of his passion for journalism, Harold also had a passion for helping others. He soon found the opportunity to help those from other countries learn English. In 2010, Harold discovered a large demand for certified, native English speakers to teach English in Russia. And while speaking to a woman from Russia—who would one day become his wife—Harold decided he would move to St. Petersburg and begin teaching English.

He and his wife taught together for some years before being asked to consider teaching in orphanages in India.

“We were there for five months, three months in a city in northern India and two months in Bangalore, a city of 8 million in south India,” he said. “India is one of the most unique places in the world… the juxtaposition of poverty and wealth and the new and the traditional made this a time I will never forget.”

Harold says his journalism degree, experience, and early years at GHC opened several doors for him. He has decided to spend some time back where he started, bringing with him years of journalism knowledge and a world view.

Harold now works as a tutor on the Floyd Campus.

“In general, I enjoy helping people, so I hope I can help students learn how to communicate more effectively,” he said. “What I love most about GHC are the smaller, more personal classes and how even as a student, I was always treated with respect by faculty and staff.”














Career Expo to highlight open positions at GHC

work here

Georgia Highlands College will be holding a Career Expo highlighting a number of open positions on June 12th in Cartersville and June 28th in Douglasville and Marietta.

The first event will take place in the Cartersville Student Center. The event in Douglasville will be in the Auditorium (Room 111) and the event in Marietta will be in the KSU Wilson Student Center.

Each event will be open to the pubic between 1PM and 3PM.

GHC is looking to fill a variety of positions in areas like admissions, human resources, student support services, accounting and more, including a number of part-time and full-time faculty positions, as well.

If interested, please bring your C.V. or resume to the event.

To learn more about the open positions and learn what it’s like to work at GHC, please visit:

GHC names Jesse Bishop the new dean for Planning, Assessment, Accreditation and Research

facuty working

Georgia Highlands College has appointed Jesse Bishop as the new dean for Planning, Assessment, Accreditation and Research (PAAR). He will oversee the office of PAAR, which provides services, guidance and facilitation in support of the college’s mission and pursuit of continuous improvement through planning, assessment and institutional research.

Bishop graduated from GHC in 2002. He returned in 2005 as part-time instructor in Developmental English and earned his Master’s in English from the University of West Georgia in 2006. He was hired full-time tenure track in 2007.

He was selected as a Governor’s Teaching Fellow for the 2010-2011 academic year as he was named Director of Diversity Initiatives. Since then, Bishop has served as an Instructional Designer and as founding Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. He earned his doctorate in 2015.

Bishop also served as editor-in-chief of the student newspaper the Six Mile Post while he was a student at GHC. Additionally, he has participated in National Endowment for the Humanities workshops, received grants from the Georgia Writer’s Association to host literary events and a few of his poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Currently, Bishop also serves as the President of the Rome International Film Festival Board of Directors and is a youth Academy soccer coach for Arsenal Rome (YMCA).

Bishop said he is looking forward to his new position and plans to build upon the work completed by those who came before him.

“I plan to expand our institutional research efforts and begin exploring more ways that we can use data to enhance student and faculty success at GHC,” he said. “I plan to help other departments and offices use data and analyses to improve their work and the quality of the experiences we have at GHC.”

Bishop stated he is excited to do more at GHC to give back to the college that helped him get this far and to pay it forward to other students by helping them do the same.

“We work at a college that literally changes lives and family trees,” he said. “That’s made possible by the dedication of the folks who work, teach and learn here.”

PICTURE: Jesse Bishop (left) works as the founding Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Instructional Designer Katie Bridges on future plans for the new CETL program at Georgia Highlands College.

GHC announces President’s & Dean’s list for spring semester 2018


Georgia Highlands College has announced students named to the spring 2018 President’s List and Dean’s List. To achieve President’s List status, students must earn a 4.0 grade point average and attain a minimum of nine semester hours of credit. To make Dean’s List, students must complete a minimum of nine semester hours and achieve at least a 3.5 average.


The following students were named to the President’s List (by county):



Alaska Couzzourt, Centre, AL



Brianna Davis, Bryant, AL



Jatea Saunders, Avondale, AZ



Harrison Banks, Cartersville

Samuel Boice, Cartersville

Sarah Bracken, Euharlee

Joria Brooks, Adairsville

Tara Butler, Kingston

Morgan Callari, Cartersville

Elizabeth Carver, Kingston

Alexandria Chitwood, Cartersville

Avery Cissa, White

Kaden Cochran, Adairsville

Michaela Crowe, Cartersville

Robert Crowe, Cartersville

Zackery Danz, Cartersville

Jesus De La Cruz, Cartersville

Brandy Folger, Adairsville

Angelica Gallegos, Cartersville

Lizeth Garcia Perez, Cartersville

Bradley Gilmore, Cartersville

Jared Goodwin, Rydal

Jocelyn Greene, Adairsville

Tyler Gustat, Cartersville

Grant Harris, Cartersville

Antonio Hernandez, Cartersville

Tanner Hund, Cartersville

Ashlie Hunt, Kingston

Brandi Ingram, Cartersville

Kaitlin Irish, Cartersville

Noah James, Cartersville

Megan Janisch, Cartersville

Bailey Jones, Rydal

Stephanie Jordan-Cain, Cartersville

Huda Kamal, Cartersville

Charles Keeney, Cartersville

Heather King, Cartersville

Kylie Knox, Taylorsville

Meredith Knox, Cartersville

William Lange, Cartersville

Thacker Lively, Emerson

Johanna Maserjian, Taylorsville

Lauren McKaig, Cartersville

Hunter Mccreary, Cartersville

Shelby Meatyard, Cartersville

David Moseley, Cartersville

Marissa Mowry, Cartersville

Vincent Myrick, Cartersville

Tina Ogletree, Cartersville

Morgan Ong, Cartersville

Karishmaben Patel, Cartersville

MacKenzie Payne, Cartersville

Jorita Perkinson, Cartersville

Madison Poe, Cartersville

Ashlee Price, Adairsville

Tori Pritchett, Kingston

Joshua Queen, Euharlee

Roger Redd, Adairsville

Brandi Rhodes, Cartersville

Joshua Rowland, Cartersville

Ashlynn Russell, Cartersville

Sean Simmons, Aragon

Abigail Smith, Cartersville

Lauren Tew, Kingston

Christienne Tolero, White

Kimberly Veliz, Cartersville

Justin Vocke, Cartersville

Avery Wade, Taylorsville

Samantha Walker, Cartersville

Kendyl Westmoreland, White

Kyra Williams, Cartersville

Anna Wilson, Adairsville

Susan Wood, Cartersville



Elizabeth Fowler, Villa Rica

Megan York, Villa Rica



Renata Berni, Pooler



Adriana Bautista-florentino, Summerville

Laurie Gentry, Trion

Janet Johnson, Lyerly

Kallie Johnson, Summerville

MaCayla Mobley, Summerville

Payton Payne, Summerville

Madison Rabun, Trion

Andrew Soule, Menlo

Marie Stephens, Summerville

Levi Thomas, Trion

Ashley Tucker, Trion



Stacie Broyles, Acworth

Justin Dobbs, Canton

Robin Gandolfi, Woodstock

Amber Gilliam, Canton

Kelsea Graham, Canton

Kayla Gravitt, Canton

Jeffrey Johnson, Canton

Macy Martinez, Canton

Megan Poehlein, Acworth

Katie Redd, Canton

Leah Ruff, Canton

Hayley Sirmons, Acworth

Jessica Smith, Canton

Darrin Stock, Woodstock

Elijah Strickland, Canton

Madison Wheatley, White

Anna Winters, Acworth



Cindy Aguirre Reyes, Marietta

Michelle Alberto, Acworth

Madison Almond, Kennesaw

Mark Arthen, Kennesaw

Jamie Ashe, Acworth

Olivia Auzenne, Powder Springs

Jessica Avila, Acworth

Christine Barrett, Acworth

Kristina Bennett, Acworth

Olga Boyarshynova, Marietta

Rachel Boyd, Kennesaw

Alexandra Boyland, Powder Springs

Kathleen Brack, Kennesaw

Maximilianus Brainerd, Kennesaw

Abby Brake, Marietta

Charles Brown, Powder Springs

Austin Buchanan, Kennesaw

Natasha Cabarcas, Marietta

Maria Calvario Tula, Smyrna

Kaleigh Camp, Kennesaw

Clayton Capalbo, Acworth

Angela Coffeen, Acworth

Ashley Coker, Kennesaw

Jonah Coleman, Acworth

Nathaniel Condra, Marietta

Michael Copeland, Kennesaw

Hannah Coppola, Acworth

Jessica Darity, Powder Springs

Brian Davis, Marietta

Tania Diaz, Smyrna

Ashley Diehl, Dallas

Kaitlyn Duvall, Marietta

Zachary Ferer, Kennesaw

Vanessa Fierro, Kennesaw

Mckenzie Finley, Kennesaw

Maria Foran, Kennesaw

Steven Garcia, Smyrna

Hana Gaskins, Marietta

Grant Holton, Marietta

Austin Huynh, Kennesaw

Mair Keen, Marietta

Lynn Kimwele, Austell

Emily Kiser, Kennesaw

Alanna Levine, Kennesaw

Abigail Lopez Lepe, Austell

Ariana Luke, Acworth

Karen Machuca Mani, Marietta

Monica Maddox, Kennesaw

Asminda Martinez, Marietta

Emily Martinez, Kennesaw

Patrick Mcfarland, Marietta

Cindy Mendoza Razo, Kennesaw

Latoi Mercer, Powder Springs

Sarah Moore, Kennesaw

Minh Nguyen, Marietta

Francis Palacios, Marietta

John Pallotti, Powder Springs

Morgan Papageorge, Acworth

Juan Ramirez, Powder Springs

Jonathan Reynolds, Kennesaw

Ramon Rivera, Marietta

Shannon Roberts, Acworth

Spencer Rowe, Powder Springs

Adrian Salinas, Austell

Lauren Sennett, Acworth

Andrew Silva, Marietta

David Smith, Marietta

Michael Smoak, Kennesaw

Caroline Southern, Powder Springs

Zachary Spears, Acworth

Lauren Stanfill, Acworth

Autumn Strange, Acworth

Michael Sywak, Marietta

Huynh Tran, Marietta

Christian Villarreal, Powder Springs



Cameron Hearn, Atlanta

Shayla Smith, Stone Mountain



Ansleigh Bentley, Villa Rica

Brandon Bradford, Douglasville

Marsalis Byrd, Douglasville

Jordan Carlisle, Douglasville

Lloyd Clower, Douglasville

Danielle Cook, Lithia Springs

Jackson Deakin, Douglasville

Mahmod Deeb, Douglasville

Andrew Fox, Winston

Adison Garbutt, Douglasville

Bianca Haskins, Douglasville

Jelena Hooi, Douglasville

Kimberly Kreider, Douglasville

Laura Lambert, Douglasville

Kalista Lyons, Douglasville

Alexandrea Martinez, Douglasville

Angel Robbins, Douglasville

Aaron Roberts, Douglasville

Derek Rock, Douglasville

Madison Scogin, Winston

Jordan Scott, Douglasville

Evan Shadix, Douglasville

Madison Signoret, Winston

Gabriel Strawn, Winston

Isabelle Wilkins, Douglasville



Erick Rosas Rosas, Blue Ridge



Natalie Aguilar, Rome

Daniel Askew, Lindale

Joshua Atha, Rome

Cameron Atkinson, Rome

Emily Blalock, Rome

Sarah Bowden, Kingston

Kaylen Brown, Rome

Caitlin Brownlow, Rome

Maria Elena Cisneros Reyes, Rome

Kimberly Clift, Kingston

Carly Comer, Rome

Michael Corn, Cave Spring

Vanessa Cornejo, Rome

Brittany Cromer, Rome

Abigail Cummings, Rome

Carol Dempsey, Rome

Joshua Dempsey, Rome

Jazmin Diego, Silver Creek

Rodney Dillard, Silver Creek

Brittany Dowdy, Silver Creek

Andrew Dulaney, Cave Spring

Haley Epstein, Lindale

Phoebe Faile, Rome

Diana Fain, Rome

Areeba Farooq, Rome

Jacqueline Gentry, Rome

Elijah-david Glick, Rome

Heather Gooch, Rome

Theresa Graham, Rome

Brandon Gray, Rome

Danielle Griesemer, Rome

Cheyenne Hall, Rome

Savannah Haney, Armuchee

Tori Hardy, Lindale

Katie Henderson, Rome

Amber Hubbard, Rome

Maha Khatib, Rome

Cassandra Labeause, Rome

Rebecca Lansdell, Rome

Hannah Laury, Rome

Jeremy Linville, Rome

Haley Lopez, Rome

Joshua Mabry, Lindale

Jacob Martin, Rome

Giselle Martinez, Rome

Mary Masters, Rome

Destiney Mcdaniel, Rome

Maria Meyers, Rome

Luzvella Miranda, Rome

Erika Morris, Rome

Bethany Mostella, Rome

Trent Mull, Rome

Dylan Nelson, Lindale

Julian Novinger, Rome

Virginia Patterson, Rome

Aubryn Patton, Rome

Kateryna Pazzaglia Khomenko, Rome

Michael Peters, Rome

Lydia Peugh, Armuchee

Jordan Purser, Silver Creek

Princesa Reyes, Rome

Shelby Rhinehart, Rome

Isaiah Riddle, Rome

Leah Rowell, Rome

Jose Sales, Rome

Forrest Simpson, Rome

Allison Stanley, Rome

Jacob Stewart, Rome

Hannah Thompson, Rome

Brittany Trawick, Rome

Haydn Turner, Rome

Ryan Umphrey, Silver Creek

Esther Van Steenberg, Rome

Julissa Vazquez, Rome

Hannah White, Rome



April Powell, Cumming



Luis Flores Camarena, Atlanta

Rasia Reeves, Atlanta



Shelly Goble, Ellijay



Kendall Bowman, Calhoun

Macy Burggraf, Calhoun

Kyleigh Carney, Calhoun

Tiffany Chastain, Fairmount

Kacie Craig, Adairsville

Kaley Harris, Adairsville

Cindy Palacios, Calhoun

Riley Rule, Calhoun

Johnathan Torres, Calhoun

Andrew Wilson, Ranger

Alexis Young, Calhoun



Jessica Dunn, Oakwood



Brooke Walker, Buchanan



Jolie Ahrens, Powder Springs

Hope Allen, Dallas

Erin Beasley, Hiram

Morgan Bishop, Hiram

Shana Bishop, Dallas

Leah Boggs, Dallas

Elisa Borgese, Acworth

Nathaniel Carr, Dallas

Luke Castle, Dallas

Bryan Chappell, Dallas

Rachel Clark, Dallas

Melissa Clopein, Dallas

Hannah Coleman, Dallas

Jessica Donahue, Acworth

Emily Dowse, Acworth

Robert Durr, Rockmart

Jason Frederick, Dallas

Kyle Gibson, Dallas

Erin Gilroy, Dallas

Cole Golden, Dallas

Kenzie Hagerty, Hiram

Wesley Hales, Dallas

Kerenha Haro, Dallas

Destyni Herbert, Dallas

Jyssica Hightower, Dallas

Lyndsey Jones, Dallas

Lisa Keene, Dallas

Harrison Keener, Dallas

Terri Koch, Douglasville

Matthew Lewis, Dallas

Jocelyn McClendon, Dallas

Cameron Mccormick, Acworth

Elizabeth Mcknight, Douglasville

Lindsey Mcmath, Dallas

Allison Miller, Dallas

Brandon Moore, Dallas

Taylar Nall, Dallas

Erin Peterson, Dallas

Hunter Pittman, Acworth

Graci Raines, Dallas

Madison Runion, Dallas

Kaitlyn Seagle, Dallas

Sarah Steffner, Acworth

Kiril Tassev, Dallas

Brittany Tiveron, Douglasville

Vasilena Foxy Vasileva, Dallas

Taylor Voraphongphibul, Rockmart

Mitchell White, Hiram

Barbara Wooley, Dallas

Briana Woullard, Dallas



Lisa Donohue, Jasper

Julie Hak, Talking Rock



Breanna Normandy, Williamson



Guillermo Aguilar, Cedartown

Maggie Blankenship, Cedartown

Baylee Davenport, Cedartown

Leighann Dougherty, Cedartown

Alison Eaves, Rockmart

Margaret Gardner, Cedartown

Misty Hamrick, Cedartown

Remington Jackson, Cedartown

Moises Ledesma, Silver Creek

Logan Maddox, Cedartown

Rebeka Neal, Cedartown

Jason Parker, Cedartown

Christen Pruitt, Cedartown

Morgan Pruitt, Rockmart

Nicholas Whitmire, Cedartown



Rachel Clemons, Tarawa Terrace, NC


The following students were named to the Dean’s List (by county):




Oskar Arnold, Cartersville

Timothy Bates, Cartersville

Anna Bedell, Cartersville

Kaitlyn Belcher, Rydal

Molly Belcher, Cartersville

Jasmain Belew, Cartersville

Camden Bridges, Cartersville

Carley Bruce, Emerson

Sh’nae Carr, Cartersville

Anthony Catanzaro, Euharlee

Ann Marie Chastain, White

Seth Colston, Cartersville

Christina Cooper, Cartersville

Lucas Corbin, Cartersville

Sidney Cothron, Cartersville

Rachel Craig, Adairsville

Morgan Creel, Kingston

William Crowe, Cartersville

Tyler Darnell, Cartersville

Charles Davis, Cartersville

Tambari Deeyaa, Cartersville

Megan Dillard, Cartersville

Jaina Dixon, Adairsville

Levi Dooley, Euharlee

Jeffrey Dunn, Kingston

Kristin Epps, Cartersville

Brooke Eure, Cartersville

Lacey Evans, Rydal

Ryan Frazier, Rydal

Anna Furrow, Cartersville

Sierrah Gani, Cartersville

Sarah Garber, Cartersville

Sara Garrett, Cartersville

Harlee Goldermann, Emerson

Braden Harris, Cartersville

Calvin Hayes, Taylorsville

Kameron Hendrix, Adairsville

Miriam Hibbard, Cartersville

Kyrah Holley, Cartersville

Cheyenne Holt, Adairsville

Erin Horgan, Cartersville

Taylor Hutson, Cartersville

Nia James, Cartersville

Coleman Jeffers, Euharlee

Jordan Kale, Cartersville

Ruhma Kamal, Cartersville

Ashley Kaufman, Cartersville

David Kindred, Cartersville

Asia Knox, Cartersville

Dalton Knox, Cartersville

Heather Kready, Cartersville

Anna-marie Lawson, Adairsville

Daniella Liley, White

Garam Lim, Cartersville

Jillian Malave, Cartersville

Leah Martin, Cartersville

Cynthia Mata, Cartersville

Tara Mathis, Cartersville

Brighton Mccollum, Cassville

Kelsey Mckinley, Cartersville

Chandler Morris, Cartersville

Matthew Morrow, Adairsville

Ivana Motes, Cartersville

Haley Murphy, Cartersville

Joseph Nash, Kingston

Ashley Oliver, Cartersville

Caleb Parker, White

Rutva Patel, Cartersville

Maria Payne, Cartersville

Kourtney Perry, Cartersville

Haley Pittman, Adairsville

Amanda Planchet, Cartersville

Matia Probus, Cartersville

Elizabeth Quinonez, Cartersville

Mayinampati Reddy, Cartersville

Cecilia Reyes-cruz, Cartersville

Xavier Richey, Kingston

Kelli Rollins, Cartersville

Andre Sanders, Cartersville

Jillian Scanlon, Cartersville

Joshua Scott, Cartersville

Abigail Smith, Euharlee

Emily Sutter, Cartersville

Daniel Tidwell, Taylorsville

Hennessy Valle, Cartersville

Carsyn Wade, Cartersville

Shawn Weatherby, Cartersville

Collin Weese, Cartersville

Christian Welch, Euharlee

Haley West, White

Kassie West, Adairsville

Amanda Woods, Cartersville

Noah Woods, Cartersville

Kayla Wooten, Cartersville



Alexander Colas, Villa Rica

Alexander Holdbrooks, Villa Rica

Anna Lambert, Villa Rica

Sasandra Maceus, Temple

Isabella Thomas, Villa Rica



Ansley Allison, Summerville

Jessica Battles, Lyerly

Jessica Corbitt, Summerville

Peyton Henderson, Trion

Magda Jimenez, Trion

Murphy Klouda, Trion

John Maddux, Summerville

Andrew McGuire, Summerville

Anslie Miller, Summerville

Kaelin Patterson, Summerville

Sandra Poe, Menlo

Taylor Ratliff, Lyerly

Dominic Weems, Summerville



Johan Avila, Woodstock

Brianna Benefield, Canton

Amber Brady, Canton

Yahna Butcher, Woodstock

Alexandria Carter, Canton

Alexia Chappell, Canton

Amber Clark, Acworth

Jamie Covington, Canton

Laura Dearing, Waleska

Alexandra Deaton, Canton

Brianna Domenech, Canton

Sonia Dorleus, Acworth

Sophia Dorleus, Acworth

Jacob Evans, Woodstock

Zachary Farrell, Canton

Mitchell Feltham, Waleska

Jacqueline Galeana Marquez, Canton

Laurissa Gecowets, Canton

Sarah Greer, Alpharetta

Morgan Jones, Canton

Benjamin Kretz, Acworth

Erica Lovett, Canton

Joshua Maurer, Woodstock

Aaron Moore, Acworth

Harrison North, Woodstock

Heather Nuckols, Acworth

Megan Oden, Canton

Alexis Palazzo, Woodstock

Julia Patterson, Canton

Alexis Philips, Woodstock

Dalia RIncon Fuentes, Canton

Virginia Ransom, Canton

Kindell Reeves, Canton

Ariel Rhue, Acworth

Alex Richardson, White

Lisa Rose, Canton

Jacob Rutherfoord, Woodstock

Haley Rutledge, Canton

Noah Sanchez, Woodstock

Hannah Shorrock, Acworth

Taylor Spears, Canton

Krista Stapleton, Waleska

Kaitlyn Stewart, Acworth

Samantha Thompson, Canton

Lauren Underwood, Canton

Nelida Vasquez-Jimenez, Canton

Patricia Weaver, Woodstock

Martisa Webster, Acworth

Dorothy Wilson, Woodstock

Alexandria Wisted, Woodstock



Kierra Sullivan, Riverdale



Maria Acosta-Lopez, Marietta

Matthew Adjin-tettey, Marietta

Nelida Aguirre, Powder Springs

Jocelyn Alvarado, Acworth

Jerry Antwi, Acworth

Naida Athimattathil, Marietta

Alfonso Azua Garrido, Kennesaw

Aicha Bah, Marietta

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Stephen Jones, Mableton

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Katherine Kobito, Kennesaw

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Mya Adams, Chattanooga, TN


Former Interim President of GHC set to retire after 12 years of service, 46 years in education

Renva Watterson worked briefly at Georgia Highlands College as a part-time instructor of communication in 2005. At the time, she was the dean of Liberal Arts at Shorter University. One of her faculty members at Shorter, who was slated to teach summer classes at Shorter and GHC, had an emergency come up at the last minute and asked if Watterson could fill in.

“I came out to GHC and did the course and it went beautifully,” Watterson said. “The students here were so wonderful. I went away with such a wonderful feeling about this college.”

A year later, Watterson applied for and was hired as chair of the Humanities Division at GHC.

What may appear to some as a chance opportunity leading to a place she may not have otherwise expected is anything but to Watterson. To her, it was meant to be.

“The best part about GHC is the people,” she said. “This place is filled with purposeful, fair-minded, integrity-based people. People who chose this access institution with a great deal of intentionality. People who care deeply about our students and want to see them succeed. It has been my complete pleasure to be here. I was led here.”

Watterson is set to retire from GHC with 12 years of service and 46 years in education altogether.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Education and Theater from Shorter College, a Master of Arts in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, and a Doctor of Education in Higher Education from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

She was appointed as interim vice president for academic affairs in 2008, before moving into the position permanently in 2009.

The University System of Georgia Chancellor appointed Watterson as the interim president of Georgia Highlands College in May 2012, and she served in that role until September 2014 before returning to her previous VPAA position.

During her time as VPAA and later as Interim President of GHC, Watterson worked to create proposals for the GHC locations in Paulding and Douglasville and see the sites to completion.

Additionally, she worked to help secure design funding for the new academic building nearing completion at the Cartersville location.

Watterson plans to spend her retirement years travelling, spending time with her grandchildren, working in volunteer roles for non-profits, and starting something she’s always wanted to do: extensive reading.

Following in the footsteps of one of her former colleagues and professors, Watterson wants to pick an author each year and read all of that author’s work from start to finish. For her first author, she’s chosen: Toni Morrison.

New GHC STEMFIT ‘math boot camp’ aims to put incoming students ahead

Georgia Highlands College’s new STEMFIT “math boot camp” will be taking place from July 16 to July 20 to help incoming high school dual enrollment students or college freshmen be prepared to start at a collegiate mathematic level of pre-calculus or higher.

STEM is an acronym for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. STEM relates to academics and careers focused in corresponding fields.

The pilot program is free and is sponsored by the GHC Center for STEM Learning and a University System of Georgia STEM Initiative grant.

“The camp is for anyone who has been admitted into GHC who has the minimum SAT/ACT score to qualify for taking the Math 1111 exemption test,” Dean of the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science Melanie Largin said.

She stated the camp will refresh college algebra skills and improve students’ chances of passing the exemption test so they can start in Math 1113.

Dean of Natural Science and Physical Education Greg Ford explained it is important to begin college at the Math 1113 level since most STEM pathways require either pre-calculus (Math 1113) or calculus I as the first credit level mathematics course and since pre-calculus is the co-requisite or pre-requisite course for many of the required science courses.

The free “math boot camp” will include the use of active learning strategies for college algebra content, daily practice exams and exclusive one-on-one time with GHC professors in a real college classroom.

At the end of the program, students may take the Math 1111 exemption test. Those who pass will receive the opportunity to also take a Math 1113 exemption test. (There is no fee associated with the in-house exams).

For more questions or to register, contact or call 678/872/8099.

Where: Georgia Highlands College Cartersville Campus

When: The week of July 16-20, 2018. (M-Th 9am-2pm, F 9am-12pm)

Who: Any incoming students eligible to take the Math 1111 exemption exam

*Attendance every day is mandatory to encourage student success*


Three longtime GHC employees retire after nearly 60 cumulative years of service

Georgia Highlands College will see three longtime employees leave after 58 cumulative years of service this year.

Grounds Supervisor Bill Cox, who started as a student at GHC (then Floyd Junior College) in the 70s, has been working at GHC since 1992. Cox has been in this role for 26 years.

Cox is looking forward to gardening and spending more time with his wife, Mary Cox, who he met at GHC and also works at GHC as an administrative assistant.

Professor of Economics Bruce Jones started at GHC (then Floyd College) in 1995. Jones started at GHC as the Chair of the Business Division. He has served the college for 23 years. He additionally has been teaching on the college level for 40 years.

Jones is considered the “second generation” of faculty to ever work at GHC, and he took part in the process that eventually created GHC’s Cartersville location.

Although Cathy Ledbetter has only been with GHC for the past 9 years, she has worked in the field of education for 40 years. She started at GHC in 2009 as the Campus Dean for the Paulding location and later additionally served as the Campus Dean for the Douglasville location, as well. She became the Special Assistant to the President for Planning, Continuous Improvement, and Accreditation in 2015.

Ledbetter was instrumental in GHC’s most recent Southern Association of Colleges and Schools reaffirmation process. She also served as the college’s organizer for the new strategic plan.

PICTURE: Special Assistant to the President for Planning, Continuous Improvement, and Accreditation Cathy Ledbetter speaking during a retirement reception at Georgia Highlands College.