First Year Applicants

Application Process

  1. Apply ONLINE

  2. Pay $30 non-refundable processing fee
  3. Submit official high school and/or college transcripts
  4. Submit official test scores (ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer)
  5. Submit Verification of Lawful Presence
  6. Submit Certificate of Immunization
  7. Apply for Financial Aid

SAT and/or ACT Waivers: Students wishing to use SAT and/or ACT Waivers in place of paying the $30 application fee must submit a completed SAT or ACT application fee waiver form directly to GHC Office of Admissions. Official test scores must be received, processed and approved at GHC from the corresponding testing authority prior to the applicant receiving the application fee waiver code. Once official test scores are processed and approved, the applicant can email and request an individual (one-time use) application fee waiver code.

Traditional Admissions Deadlines

Traditional Admissions Deadlines
Semester Preferred Application
Final Admissions
Admissions Document
Received Deadline
Classes Begin
Summer 2021 March 1, 2021 May 15, 2021 May 21, 2021 March 8, 2021 May Session:
May 17, 2021
June Session:
June 7, 2021
Full Session:
June 7, 2021
July Session:
July 1, 2021
Fall 2021 Full Session:
April 1, 2021
Full Session:
July 15, 2021
Full Session:
August 14, 2021
Full and Late
Start Sessions:

April 12, 2021
Full Session:
August 14, 2021
Spring 2022 Full Session:
November 1, 2021
Full Session:
December 15, 2021
Full Session:
December 17, 2021
November 1, 2021 Full Session:
January 8, 2022