Home School and Non-Accredited High School Applicants

Home school applicants who did not complete a regionally accredited program, must apply to GHC under the non-accredited home school/high school policy of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and Georgia Highlands College institutional eligibility standards.

Steps to Enrollment:

  1. Complete online application and pay $30 non-refundable application processing fee.
  2. Must be age 15 or older by the first day of the semester applying for.
  3. Applicants graduating from non-accredited homeschools shall document their graduation and completion of the 17 units of the Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) through the submission of a curriculum packet. RHSC guidelines are found in the University System of Georgia’s document “Staying on Course.”
      1. Course title;
      2. Course description;
      3. List of course learning materials, including textbooks and software;
      4. Course credit;
      5. Year completed;
      6. Grade earned; and,
      7. Source (public school, private school, correspondence program, or home generated curriculum)
    •  The GHC Admissions Department will evaluate the information provided in the packet to verify completion of the RHSC units and may require additional documentation to further evaluate course content.

4. If you are applying for in-state tuition, submit Verification of Lawful Presence.

5. Submit Test Scores:

SAT ACT Accuplacer
collegeboard.org act.org testing@highlands.edu

Evidence Based Reading & Writing of 480
Math score of 440

English score of 17
Math score of 17

Next-Gen Reading score of 237
& WritePlacer score of 4
Next-Gen Math (QAS) score of 258

    • The SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer test score requirement may be waived for admission based on credit level English (1101 or higher) and Math (1001 or higher) college transfer coursework.

Other Information

  • Certificate of immunization is not required for an admissions decision but must be received during a student’s first semester at GHC.