GHC now offers certified electronic diplomas to graduates

Georgia Highlands College graduates now have a way to take and use a certified electronic diploma wherever they need it. In addition to receiving a printed version of their diploma, graduates now have the option to receive a duplicate CeDiploma.

A CeDiploma is an official, secure and verifiable PDF version of a diploma that allows for unlimited sharing with family, friends, employers and social media, as well as proof of education with only the important details.

Each credential provides a unique 12-digit Certified Electronic Document Identifier called a CeDiD. The CeDiD allows for instant proof of a graduate’s accomplishment using Validation Services, which can be used a number of ways, including enhancing a resume with a CeDiD and validation URL to a CeDiploma.

Registrar Ed Rosser said the CeDiploma is a win-win for students, employers and the college.

“As advancement in technology grows, GHC works to stay competitive with the new ways of delivering services to our students that give them an advantage in the job market,” Rosser said. “A company can use the student’s CeDiD code and validate the student’s degree in seconds on the link on our website.”

GHC has partnered with Paradigm to offer this new option for graduates.

Benefits of a CeDiploma include:

  • Exact Duplicate – A CeCredential is always an exact duplicate of the paper credential, leading to greater confidence in the marketplace.
  • Unique Identifier – A CeCredential always has a unique serial number that can be shared and validated without providing the actual digital credential.
  • TruSeal – The seal that is securely printed on a paper diploma is woven into the very fabric of a CeCredential.
  • Visual Cues – Borrowed from the banking industry, a CeCredential contains immediate visual cues to provide visual confidence in the credential.
  • Real-time Validation – The CeCredential is the only digital credential that allows real-time validation through the issuing institution’s website.
  • And more

Please visit GHC’s commencement page at for more information on the new CeDiploma.