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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

If you study health sciences, you’ll learn how you can care for people and educate them about the many aspects of health care. A Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences prepares students with an interest in pursuing advanced clinical and non-clinical healthcare degrees or career advancement. Your classes will give you a broad base to […]

Sports Management Pathway

The world of sports management is more than pro athletes and ball games. It’s a big business full of huge budget decisions and complex negotiations. With a sports management degree, you might go on to organize the Super Bowl, work for the New York Yankees, or build a facility plan for the major college or […]

Exercise Science Pathway

Do you get a rush from organized sports? Do you feel proud when you work out with teammates and help one another succeed? Is eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle a priority for you? If so, maybe you should consider the field of exercise science. You’ll learn the science behind everything from strength and […]

Recreation Administration Pathway

This pathway prepares graduates to pursue a job in a variety of locations. Graduates work for recreation centers, parks, cruise ships, gyms, and other facilities that provide recreation and leisure services to the general public. Graduates can also transfer to obtain a bachelors degree in Recreation Administration. By following a recommended sequence of courses this pathway can […]

Summer Courses at GHC

Apply Now for Summer Apply Now for Summer Summer Course Lists by Academic Division DIVISION OF HEALTH SCIENCES PHYSICAL EDUCATION PHED 1010 Concepts of Fitness/Health PHED 1020 CPR and First Aid PHED 1120 Weight Training/Men &Women PHED 1130 Fitness Walking and Jogging PHED 2202 Principles of Nutrition HEALTH SCIENCE HSCI 3501 Ethics in Healthcare HSCI […]

International Applicants

There are two distinct groups of international students that include students abroad who are interested in traveling to the U.S. on an F-1 student visa (including students who are already in the U.S. on an F-1 student visa currently studying at another U.S. school) and students in the U.S. who currently hold some other type […]

Home School and Non-Accredited High School Applicants

Accredited Home School Graduates Home school applicants who have completed an accredited home school program will apply to GHC as a traditional freshman Regional accrediting associations include: The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and/or the Georgia Accrediting Commission High School regulated by a public school system and the state department of education   Non-Accredited […]

Transient Applicants

Transient applicants are students from another college or university who have permission from their home institution to enroll at Georgia Highlands College for one semester. Students who wish to register for more than one term must re-apply each semester, pay the $30 non-refundable application fee, and submit an updated transient permission letter.   Admissions Requirements GHC Admissions […]

Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program (formerly known as Move On When Ready) is specifically designed to provide high school  (including home-schooled students) with access to a number of opportunities for enhancing their high school curriculum and earning college credit before high school graduation. Some students are even able to earn an associate degree while in high school! Tuition and […]

First Year Applicants

High school applicants are beginning Freshman applicants that have graduated high school within the last 5 years. Applicants who have completed a high school program that is not accredited by a regional accrediting association, please click here.  Georgia Highlands College offers two Associate Degree programs that are transferable pathways and are designed for students who […]