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Dual Enrollment – FAQ

Note: The information below concerning Dual Enrollment funding is current and is subject to changes made by the Georgia State Legislature on a year-to-year basis. I have applied to GHC as a Dual Enrollment student. What are my next steps? Complete admissions application. Submit official documents. List of required documents needed can be found HERE […]

Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Natural Resources

The Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental and Natural Resources (EVNR) aims to produce graduates who are competent to collect, analyze, correlate, and evaluate scientific data pertaining to environmental and natural resources. Graduates of the EVNR degree program will be able to assess the health of various ecosystems, recommend strategies and methods for maintaining or improving […]

Follow Me to GHC

GHC Home > Follow Me to GHC Follow Me to GHC Floyd Cartersville Heritage Hall Marietta Paulding GHC Online Serving Northwest Georgia since 1970 Take classes at any (or all) of our five physical locations! Or take classes anywhere at GHC Online. Apply Now Let us help you get started today! Contact us. Sign Up […]

Bachelor of Science in Building Information Modeling Management

The technology used in engineering and construction is rapidly advancing. Proficiency in digital skills is a must for the building and construction industry. BIMM is the technology-driven process for estimating, creating and managing information and visuals on a construction project. A building information model represents a 3D version of every aspect of the project, from […]

Academic Schools

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Graphic Design Pathway

The graphic design pathway provides students with an introduction to the fundamental skills and concepts needed for a career in digital media. Students will learn and utilize a variety of industry-standard technologies, as well as explore their creativity as they build a knowledge of art and design practices. By following a recommended sequence of courses, […]

Film Studies Pathway

The demand for visual media content is at an all-time high. The Film Studies pathway propels students in becoming content creators for film, television, video games, new media, and beyond. By following a recommended sequence of courses this pathway can be completed in 2 years. Start your journey toward obtaining your degree today.

Film Production Pathway

Start your journey toward a career in Film Production This program combines theory courses along with hands on production courses in partnership with the Georgia Film Academy. Students completing the program will have the opportunity to apply for an on set internship on a major film set in Georgia’s booming production industry. By following a […]

Bachelor of Science in Health Science

If you study health sciences, you’ll learn how you can care for people and educate them about the many aspects of health care. A Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science prepares students with an interest in pursuing advanced clinical and non-clinical healthcare degrees or career advancement. Your classes will give you a broad base to […]

Sport Management Pathway

The world of sport management is more than pro athletes and ball games. It’s a big business full of huge budget decisions and complex negotiations. With a sport management degree, you might go on to organize the Super Bowl, work for the New York Yankees, or build a facility plan for the major college or […]