March 17 Update – Remote Delivery Set for March 30

We want to thank you for your continued support and patience during this time. Georgia Highlands College is working to keep you informed while we continue to diligently address challenges surrounding COVID-19 together.

Your health and safety are always our highest priority, and your success here at GHC remains our biggest mission. Just like every semester, we will work together to achieve completion, graduation, and academic success goals.

Per the USG instructions, classes are suspended effective Monday (March 16) for two weeks. Students should not return to campus until they receive permission from their institution. Students should wait for GHC to contact them about returning to the campus via their student emailD2LNavigate, or the GHC Notify system.

Additionally, institutions will continue to have minimal staff physically on-site to ensure continuity of certain services.

At this time, GHC is planning and intends to convert all classes to remote delivery on March 30. We know these are unusual and ever evolving circumstances for all and we appreciate your patience as we work through this together.

Due to the unscheduled suspension of instruction for two weeks, and in an effort to keep everyone on track this semester as well as for each student’s success, GHC will be moving its currently scheduled Spring Break from April 6-12 to March 23-29, as well. Because of this change, GHC will seek to accommodate scheduling conflicts that any students and employees may encounter. You may learn more about Spring Break information and the change by visiting GHC’s site here.

We understand you may still have many questions. Please visit GHC’s dedicated page for Frequently Asked Questions here for information as it relates specifically to GHC.

If you don’t find the answer to your question, please speak to your instructor about anything related to your classes or academics, and for other questions, please feel free to use GHC411.

You may also find resources for GHC students and employees by visiting this Coronavirus (COVID‑19) Information and Resources site.

GHC’s information and resource page and FAQs page will be reviewed and updated frequently.

Please also note that no students will be penalized for missing a currently published deadline as we work to address any questions or concerns. Updated deadlines will be provided accordingly. Deadlines regarding coursework should be discussed with instructors.

In the end, we want to ensure that our faculty, staff and students are safe; that we do our part to help stem the spread of the coronavirus in Georgia; and that we fulfill our mission to graduate our students even in the face of these challenging times.