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Social Science & Business Faculty

Division Chair: Dr. Alan Nichols

Name / WebsiteCampusDisciplineOfficePhoneEmail
Scott Akemon Floyd  Political Science  F165  706-368-7635  sakemon@highlands.edu 
Johnna Allen Cartersville  Business    706-295-6300  jallen@highlands.edu 
Michael Bergquist Douglasville  History    678-872-4200  mbergqui@highlands.edu 
Steve Blankenship Cartersville  History  256-B  678-872-8026  sblanken@highlands.edu 
Shannon Bontrager Cartersville  History  254 C  678-872-8049  sbontrag@highlands.edu 
Sean Callahan Marietta  Psychology  221 Norton Hall  706-295-6300  scallaha@highlands.edu 
Maxine Chriszt Cartersville  Political Science    770-426-0834  mchriszt@highlands.edu 
Susan Claxton Floyd  Human Services  F-142a  706-368-7618  sclaxton@highlands.edu 
Debra Conaway Marietta  Psychology    706-295-6300  dconaway@highlands.edu 
Elizabeth Dose Cartersville  Psychology  325  706-295-6300  edose@highlands.edu 
Jessica Draper Marietta  Political Science    706-295-6300  jdraper@highlands.edu 
Jayme Feagin Paulding  History  409  678-946-1019  jfeagin@highlands.edu 
Jed Gillespie Cartersville  Business  220C  678-872-8195  jgillesp@highlands.edu 
Randy Green Floyd  Criminal Justice  N/A  706-295-3132  ragreen@highlands.edu 
Sherry Green Cartersville  Education  256F  706-295-6300  shgreen@highlands.edu 
Jack Harris Cartersville  History    706-295-6300  jharris@highlands.edu 
Charles Hight Cartersville  History    706-295-6300  chight@highlands.edu 
Karen Huggin Marietta  History  232  678-872-8540  khuggin@highlands.edu 
Teresa Hutchins Cartersville  Political Science  335  678-872-8114  thutchin@highlands.edu 
Bruce Jones Floyd  Economics  F-136  706-368-7511  bjones@highlands.edu 
Dempsey Kerce Floyd  History    706-295-6300  dkerce@highlands.edu 
Bronson Long Floyd  History  F141  706-368-7619  blong@highlands.edu 
Annette Maddox Cartersville  Business  233  678-872-8071  amaddox@highlands.edu 
Donna Mantooth Floyd  Psychology  F-142  706-368-7617  dmantoot@highlands.edu 
Shea Mize Marietta  Political Science  226  678-872-8545  smize@highlands.edu 
Barbara Moss Marietta  History  232  678-872-8541  bmoss@highlands.edu 
Laura Musselwhite Floyd  History  F-126  706-204-2368  lmusselw@highlands.edu 
Alan Nichols Cartersville  Philosophy  320 C  678-872-8108  anichols@highlands.edu 
Betty Nolen Floyd  Business  F145  706-802-5037  bnolen@highlands.edu 
Robert Page Floyd  History  F-121c  706-368-7615  rpage@highlands.edu 
Ralph Peters Floyd  Sociology  F131A  706-368-7622  rpeters@highlands.edu 
Scott Powell Paulding  Political Science  405/407  678-946-1100  spowell@highlands.edu 
Howell Sheffield Marietta  Economics  226  678-872-8529  hsheffie@highlands.edu 
Becky Sims Floyd  Political Science  147  706-368-7621  bsims@highlands.edu 
Greg Smith Floyd  Philosophy    706-295-6300  gsmith@highlands.edu 
Darrell Sorrells Floyd  Education  F-134  706-368-7640  dsorrell@highlands.edu 
Josh Stovall Cartersville  Sociology  124-10  678-872-8028  jstovall@highlands.edu 
Greg Sumner Floyd  Criminal Justice  F-135  706-295-6300  gsumner@highlands.edu 
Stephanie Wright Floyd  Psychology  F-146  706-295-6300  stwright@highlands.edu