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English:  Students who have satisfied CPC/RHSC requirements and score 580 or better on the SAT-Verbal, 27 or better on the ACT-English, or 90 or better on the COMPASS-English are eligible to take the advanced placement test which consists of any essay on an assigned topic.  The essay, written in a 60 minute time period, is evaluated by two or three Georgia Highlands College English professors; if the essay receives a passing rating, the student will receive 3 hours credit for English 1101.  Contact the Humanities Division at (678) 872-8064 or e-mail


Foreign Language:  Students who have completed two or more years of high school French or Spanish, or who have extensive experience in the use of either of these languages, are eligible to take departmentally administered placement tests.  This is the final exam of the course the student wishes to exempt.  Credit will be awarded for any courses exempted.  CLEP, AP exams, etc., which involve written as well as oral testing are also accepted.  Contact the Humanities Division at (678) 872-8064 or e-mail


Mathematics:  Students who have satisfied RHSC mathematics requirements and score 550 or above on SAT-Math, or 24 or above on ACT-Math, or 70 or above on COMPASS-Math (COMPASS-Algebra) are eligible to take an advanced placement test in mathematics.  Credit for MATH 1111-College Algebra is awarded to students passing the test.  In addition, exemption by examination for MATH 1113-Precalculus or Math 2261-Calculus I may be determined on an individual basis.  Students may not receive credit by examination if they have already received credit for a sequentially higher level mathematics course, and only one exemption attempt is allowed for any mathematics course.  Credit for mathematics courses is not awarded on the basis of the CLEP General Examination in Mathematics but rather only for satisfactory scores on CLEP subject examinations linked to specific mathematics course content, such as College Algebra, Precalculus, or Calculus.  For more information or to schedule an exemption exam, please contact the Division of Mathematics at (678) 872-8099 or



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