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Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Check back here for an updated Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions list. If you have an issue not listed below, search the Collaborate Knowledgebase
1. How do I get a BB Collaborate Account set up?

If you need an account, email Sarah Hepler ( Please note that faculty members only are required to attend training before using Collaborate for class. This can be satisfied by attending one of the formal trainings or by setting up a one on one session with Sarah.

2. I'm having audio/video issues - help!

​If you can't transmit or receive Audio/Video in Collaborate, try running the Audio Setup Wizard and checking your Camera settings. If this doesn't work, try unplugging any external speakers and running the Wizard again. If you still have no luck, restart Collaborate. For more information, check the Collaborate Knowledgebase.

3. Do I have to use Collaborate from a certain place?

​No, Collaborate lives online. You can use it from any computer anywhere as long as Java is working ok.

4. Where do I find the link to enter a session I created?

You should have received an automatic email from Blackboard with your Moderator link, a guest link for participants, and links to several recording playback options. If you did not receive this, log into the Blackboard Collaborate website. Then click Utilities → Meetings → Check Box Next To Meeting → Advanced. You'll then see all of your links displayed in one place.

5. Java won't let me into Collaborate. What should I do?

​If you're having Java problems please contact one of GHC's I.T. offices.


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