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Business Productive Software Certificate


What is the most popular and heavily used productivity software in the business environment? That would be the Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft recognized that most businesses have a need to:

  • Communicate with others (customers, vendors, employees) in a professional, documented manner
  • Create and analyze budgets, forecasts, and other types of financial and numerical data
  • Present data  to customers, vendors, employees, and others in a professional manner

The Microsoft Office Suite was created to satisfy this need.  While this suite can be purchased with a variety of software applications bundled together, the most commonly purchased grouping is the word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. Extensive knowledge of these applications will increase your chances for a career with better pay and increased job security.

The Center for Continuing Education at Georgia Highlands College now offers a Business Productivity Software Certificate for those adults who wish to become skilled in the primary software applications within Microsoft Office. This certificate program is 36 hours in length, consisting of six 6-hour courses that must be completed within six months (6) of start.  All courses must be completed before the certificate is awarded. The certificate requires that two (2) fundamental courses be taken on each of these heavily use applications—word processing (MS Word), spreadsheet (MS Excel), and presentation software (PowerPoint).

In this certificate program, you will work with real-world examples and learn how these software applications are used in the workplace. Each course is designed to improve your skills while meeting the standards in technology proficiency required by many companies.  The prerequisite for this program is a working knowledge of the computer and of the Windows Operating System.

The courses for this certificate in 2014 are:

Level I Courses

  • Word Processing (Word)
  • Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Presentation (PowerPoint)

Level II Courses

  • Word Processing (Word)
  • Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Presentation (PowerPoint)

Course Details

Word Processing Level I – Beginning/Intermediate

The perfect document is easy to create in Microsoft Word.  In this hands-on class you’ll work live in the application as you learn to create, open and save documents.  You will also learn to format words, sentences, and paragraphs to appear just how you want.  Dress up your documents with fancy borders and bullets and learn to print.  Catch your spelling and grammar mistakes before somebody else does with Word’s powerful spelling and grammar checker. 

Prerequisite:  Basic computer knowledge

Word Processing Level II - Advanced

Want to become the office productivity guru?  This course is full of time-saving tools that you’ll use every day.  In fact you’ll wonder how you ever got anything done without Word’s customized styles and templates.  Learn to use columns and tables to produce reader friendly documents and dress them up with advanced graphics.  Master Word’s mail merge tools to automate everything from letters to envelopes and labels.  

Prerequisite:  Word Processing I or equivalent knowledge

Excel Level I—Beginning

You want to record numeric data faster? Now you can. In this course you will learn to create well-designed spreadsheets to store your important numeric data.  You will learn to automate repetitive data entry using Autofill and customized lists.

Don’t like math? That’s OK. Excel will help you simplify your “number crunching” tasks.  Using time saving functions and formulas, you’ll be able to calculate those budget and forecast totals quickly. This course covers the fundamental rules of relative cell addressing and Order of Precedence--essential knowledge necessary for efficient use of formulas and functions.  Use of functions and formulas will be introduced. 

Prerequisite: General ability to use a computer

Excel Level II—Intermediate

This course introduces Excel functionality for enhancing your worksheets for presentation purposes or for printing.  Students will learn how to use the Page Setup tools to adjust their worksheets with custom margins, page orientation, page breaks, and headers and footers. They will learn how to sort large spreadsheets; how to filter data and create advanced filters; how to group and summarize data; and how to insert subtotals. How to manage data within multiple worksheets and workbooks and how to link that data with formulas and named cells will also be covered, as well as a few more functions, including the IF function and the DATE and PMT functions.

Prerequisite:  Excel I or equivalent knowledge

PowerPoint Presentations Level I - Beginning

Create professional presentations quickly using templates, designs, and graphic elements.  Save multiple versions of your presentation with Custom Shows in one file for easy access.  Create slide shows that will dazzle your audience!

Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge

PowerPoint Presentations Level II -Intermediate

Add visual elements to your PowerPoint presentations.  Learn to embed pictures, insert tables, embed Excel charts, and add organization charts. You will also learn to insert sound and action buttons to your slides.                     

Prerequisite:  Beginning PowerPoint or equivalent knowledge



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