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What is the FYE Program?

Your first-year experience at Georgia Highlands College is critical in laying the groundwork for a successful academic and professional career. Employers view a well-rounded, successful, academic career as evidence that students can be equally successful and productive in their chosen fields. Success for the first-year student begins by mastering three principle tasks of the first-year student:

  • Developing Academic Skills
  • Adjusting to College Life
  • Developing Academic & Career Goals

GHC’s Freshman Year Experience (FYE) is a pro-active student development program that assists first-year students in accomplishing these tasks. The program is designed for all incoming first-year students but anyone can take and benefit from these courses.

Questions?  E-mail:  kwheeler@highlands.edu

Program Components

The First-Year Experience is a year-long set of courses and projects that focus on helping students achieve excellence in their academics. The major program components of FYE are the FCST 1010 course, the FCST 1020 course, learning communities, academic advising, tutoring, peer mentors and service activities.

FCST 1010 - The College Experience is a two-hour credit course that students take with an assigned faculty member within the first two semesters of enrollment. This course was developed by a specially selected committee of faculty, staff, and administrators to help ease the transition from high school to college and give first year students a boost on their way to graduation. The course includes topics such as time management, study skills, learning styles, critical thinking skills, academic planning, and test taking strategies. FCST 1010 will help students improve study habits, become more effective and efficient learners, make decisions about a major, increase awareness and use of university facilities and support services.  Through class discussions, individual and group projects, and focused assignments students  learn to seek and accept personal responsibility and grow personally, socially and intellectually. For more information on the FCST 1010 course, please visit http://www.highlands.edu/site/fye-fcst-1010-1

FCST 1020 - Career Choices and Decision-Making helps student continue their career exploration by taking the FCST 1020. FCST 1020 is a two-hour credit course that helps students discover their vocational calling and develop a life plan to achieve those academic and career goals.  For more information on the FCST 1020 course, please visit https://www.highlands.edu/site/fye-fcst-1020


Don't Forget:  The GHC Tutorial Center is here  to provide free tutoring for our students for many of our courses including math, writing, reading, science, history, and many others .  For more information about the Student Success Center please visit http://www.highlands.edu/site/tutorial-center .

Page last updated: August 19, 2014