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Blackboard Collaborate Facilitator's Guide


Facilitating a Collaborate course takes skill, practice, and patience. Luckily, Blackboard Collaborate offers a wealth of free, online training options. In addition, as a facilitator you'll receive hands-on training at GHC. 

The BB Collaborate On Demand Learning Center offers 24/7 training via recorded videos, webpages, PDFs, and interactive applications. Not only does Blackboard offer training in a variety of formats, but they also offer both focused and broad training.

  • Hands-On Training at GHC

The absolute best way to learn to be a facilitator is to experience it. Your training at GHC will include:

  • Observation of a Collaborate class from both the sending and recieving sides.*
  • Talking with current Collaborate students to discover their needs and reccomendations.
  • Talking with a current, experienced Collaborate professor to gain a broad view of facilitation
  • Talking with the professor you will be facilitating to gain a contextualized view of facilitation. 
  • Facilitating a mock Collaborate class.*


Page last updated: October 17, 2013