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Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab Schedule – Spring 2014

Below are a series of links to the handouts needed for AP1 Lab.

They are PDFs, so you will need Adobe Reader to access them.

It can be downloaded for free HERE.

Date (Week of)


Link to Lab Printouts

Corresponding pages in Text

January 13

Orientation to the Lab Setting
Risk Assessment & Lab Safety

Use of Microscope 

Introduction/ Orientation

Use of the Microscope

p 77-119

January 20

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

No Labs This Week!



January 27



Epithelial tissues

p 122-156

February 3

Continue Histology

Begin Skeletal system

Connective tissues and skin

Skin- p 159-179

February 10

Weather Cancellation

No Labs due to Closing


February 17

Skeletal System

The Skeletal System

p 182-255

February 24

Continue Skeletal System



March 3

Review for Practical 1



March 10


 Covers Microscopy, Cytology, Histology, and Skeletal System


March 17

Muscle Histology
Anatomy of Muscles

The Muscular System

p 281-361

March 24

Spring Break

No Labs This Week!


March 31

Continue Study of Muscles



April 7

Begin Nervous System Study

The Nervous System

p 362-469

April 14

Special Senses

The Special Senses

p 497-539

April 21 Review for Practical 2    
April 28 LAB PRACTICAL II Covers Muscular System, Nervous System, and Special Senses.  


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