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                                                                   Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab Schedule – Spring 2014 

Below are a series of links to the handouts needed for AP1 Lab.

They are PDFs, so you will need Adobe Reader to access them.

It can be downloaded for free HERE      .

Date (Week of)


Link to Lab Printouts

Corresponding pages in Text

January 13

Orientation to the Lab Setting
Risk Assessment & Lab Safety

Use of Microscope 

Introduction/ Orientation

Use of the Microscope

p 77-119

January 20

Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

No Labs This Week!



January 27



Epithelial tissues

p 122-156

February 3

Continue Histology

Begin Skeletal system

Connective tissues and skin

Skin- p 159-179

February 17

Skeletal System

The Skeletal System

p 182-255

February 24

Continue Skeletal System 




March 3

Review for Practical 1



March 10


Covers Microscopy, Cytology, Histology, and Skeletal System


March 17

Muscle Histology
Anatomy of Muscles

 The Muscular System

p 281-361





March 24

Spring Break

No Labs This Week!


March 31

Continue Study of Muscles




April 7

Nervous System


The Nervous System

(old handout with photos)

p 362-469


April 14

Special Senses


The Special Senses


p 497-539


April 21    

Review for Practical 2  

   Week of April 28th LAB PRACTICAL II  
Covers Muscular System, Nervous System, and Special Senses.  


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