The Floyd Campus and Heritage Hall will be closing today at 1PM (FEB 9). All classes after 12:15PM are cancelled on these campuses. All other campus locations will remain open normal operating hours. Check back here for updates. Please refer to the campus closings page for details.
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Professional Advisors are available at each instructional site, as well as Campus Deans:


*Pre-Nursing Cartersville Students:  See Melissa Wood
                                                  Office Location:  Cartersville Academic HUB - 120B
                                                  Office Hours:  Mon. - Thur. 8:30 am - 11:30 am
                                                  878.872.8040 or 678.872.8141






In addition, for those who know their majors, each academic division has an advising specialist who can help you locate an advisor in your area of study.  Here is a list of the advising specialists. If you have Learning Support requirements, speak with one of the advising generalists (Julia Areh, Joan Ledbetter, Yoursheko Owens, Eileen Walker, Laura Walton, Leslie Terrell-Payne).

Page last updated: January 27, 2016