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International Applicants

There are two distinct groups of international students that include students abroad who are interested in traveling to the U.S. on an F-1 student visa (including students who are already in the U.S. on an F-1 student visa currently studying at another U.S. school) and students in the U.S. who currently hold some other type […]

How do I apply?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to do in order to enroll at Georgia Highlands College (GHC)? A. Complete the Admissions application available online, and have official transcripts sent by your high school and/or colleges. See the Apply for Admissions link on our main web page for more information. Q: What are the minimum GPA requirements […]

General Studies Pathway

The General Studies pathway provides students with the opportunity of earning a broad range of knowledge in liberal arts, humanities, business and science. This degree gives students the opportunity to customize their learning experience to their interests while still earning a degree.  By following a recommended sequence of courses this pathway can be completed in 2 years. […]

Mathematics Pathways

This pathway teaches students students how to use mathematics to explain the world around us and solve complex problems.  Students will learn core definitions and mathematical skills that can be used for a variety of professions and industries. By following a recommended sequence of courses this pathway can be completed in 2 years. Start your journey toward […]

Physics Pathway

Physics is focused around developing the required skills and theoretical understandings needed to be a physicist. This pathway trains students on how to perform experiments in a way that allows them to explain laws within nature, time and the universe. Physicists often work in the development of advanced materials, energy production and medical devices. By […]

Nursing (RN to BSN Completion Program)

The RN-BSN Completion Program is offered completely online and can be completed in three consecutive semesters full-time or four or more semesters part-time by completing the program’s course requirements. Students are required to come to an orientation session once in the summer prior to beginning the program. Start your journey toward obtaining your degree today.