Grand Junction Challenge
November 25, 2013
CARTERSVILLE, Ga. - Team building can come in many different ways and it has for the Georgia Highlands College baseball team during the young tenure of head coach Mike Marra. Monday Marra and his staff took that team building to the next level prior to Thanksgiving break with the first "Grand Junction Challenge." This challenge required physical effort, mental fortitude and teamwork in order to achieve overall team synergy towards a common goal. The Chargers baseball team will met at Charger field on the Cartersville campus and was split into four teams competing against each other in a variety of strength and conditioning challenges.

Grand Junction Challenge events included;

SDSU Relay, Bar Carry, Tire Carry, Tug O’ War, Road to Grand Junction, Towel Push, 2:00 Drill

The name "Grand Junction Challenge" is set as a motivator for the team's ultimate landing spot, Grand Junction, Co., the home of the NJCAA College World Series.

"It's another way to make our guys compete and fight through any limitations that they have and make them dig down and find out a little more about themselves," said Marra. "There's also an element of them having to work together to win certain events so it's a way to put them in a competitive situation and find a way to come out on top." “We want our guys to get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

"In order to be a championship program you have to be with people that are willing to be comfortable being uncomfortable, you have to be willing to adjust to what's going on and be willing to compete."

• Team Orange: Freddie Beamon, Greg Gerard, Chris Baker, John Hood, Ed Lott, and Brandon Ray.

• Team Blue: Dalton Geekie, Brad Sansing, Jamie Thaggard, Blake Oxenreider, Albert Harless, and David Chester,

• Team White: Khari Anderson, Mitchell Mannino, Parker Acuff, Nick Constan, Ty Fowler and Gavin Peters.

• Team Grey: Camden McGill, Chap Lindstrom, Matt Reynolds, Elijah White and Mikhail Cazenave.

Final results of the GHC Baseball 1st Annual Grand Junction Challenge;

Team Grey- 425pts.

Team White- 400pts.

Team Blue- 375 pts.

Team Orange- 275pts.

The Chargers officially opens preseason practice Friday, January 10. Georgia Highlands opens the season Sunday, February 2nd, hosting Cleveland St. at Richard Bell Field, with the first pitch at 1:00 p.m.

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