Home Schooled Students

Accredited High School Graduates:

  • According to the policies of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, an applicant whose SAT I combined (Verbal + Mathematics) score is at or above the average SAT I score of the previous year’s fall semester first-time freshman admitted to the USG institution to which he or she is applying and who has completed the equivalent of each of the CPC areas as documented by a portfolio of work and/or other evidence that substantiates CPC completion qualifies for consideration for admission
  • Provide SAT scores of at least 450 verbal or ACT 18 and 450 math or ACT 18

  1. Complete an admissions application and pay the $30 application fee
  2. Send official transcripts from any high school you may have attended
  3. An Academic Portfolio must include the following information:
    • Complete course title, Length of time of course, date completed/will complete
    • Course description, course syllabus
    • Textbook/materials used
    • Primary teacher/instructor for course and education credentials
  4. Completed Home School CPC Evaluation Form (not the same as academic portfolio)
  5. Request official SAT or ACT scores sent to GHC
  6. Have your health care provider complete the GHC Certificate of Immunization Form
  7. Applicants who seek to be classified as in-state for tuition purposes, will be required to provide validation of residency and lawful presence in both the State of Georgia and the United States.
  8. Register to take the COMPASS exam through the Check Admissions Status link (if required)
  9. Register to attend Orientation through the Check Admissions Status link (at orientation you will meet with an academic advisor and register for classes)
  10. Once all application materials received in the Office of Admissions, the home school applicant’s Academic Portfolio is forwarded to the GHC Admissions Committee. The Committee will review each portfolio to determine if the applicant has fulfilled the college prep course requirements. Please allow four weeks for the Committee to complete its review. Upon completion of the committee’s review, the Office of Admissions will send in written notification to the applicant his/her admissions status