Do I need an advisor?

Because students can often register themselves via the Web, they may think that they do not need an advisor.  However, they do. Advisors help students to navigate through the requirements of the core curriculum and make the most beneficial course selections for their area of study and/or for transferring to four-year schools. Advisors can also help to detect and resolve problems.  Academic requirements change yearly and advisors keep up with those to make certain that students are informed. ALWAYS speak with an advisor before registering.

Who is my advisor?

GHC provides many opportunities for advising.  Most students do not have an assigned advisor, but you are welcome to visit a Professional Advisor at your instructional site; those people are shown here.  If you know your area of study, you may contact the advising specialist for your academic division.

Many faculty members do in-class advising each term, providing information about core curriculum and degree requirements and other pertinent topics as well as answering questions. In addition, GHC provides an event every term at each instructional site called Early Bird Advising that is focused on long-term academic planning to insure that students can accomplish their goals efficiently.

How do I register?

Students without holds can register in SCORE.  If you have a hold, speak with your campus advisor or email Click here for details on registration.

What if I can’t come to campus for advisement?

Students have a variety of ways to receive advising help at GHC:

  • Send an email to
  • Contact professional advisor
  • Online Advising in Real-Time (many advisors use Collaborate for online advising)