We are currently monitoring the weather conditions but at this time ALL CAMPUSES will continue to operate normal hours. Should conditions worsen, notice will be sent out via the GHC Notify system. Please use your best judgement when traveling as conditions vary widely by location.
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CREDITS > Credits, Sponsors & Partners

Flowers Photography
L. Callan
E. Proffitt

Sponsors & Partners

GA Soil & Water Conservation Comm.

Temple Inland Rome
EPA Region 4
Georgia Forestry Commission
Floyd County
US Dpt of Interior Fish & Wildlife
Inland Container Corp.
GA forestry Comm.
Coosa Riv. Soil & Water Cons. Dist.
Natural Resources Consv. Service
Rolling Hills RC&D Council

Butterfly Biology
Dr. Mark Knauss
Joseph McCauley
Bus Schools
Kim Mchaffey
NW Georgia RESA
Purple Butterfly The cyberswamp site
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