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About Us

SPAA Mission and Goals

In support of the mission of GHC, SPAA facilitates the ongoing development of academic and administrative excellence of the college through planning, research and assessment.

  1. SPAA will provide research-based information about GHC to effectively achieve the goals of the institution.
  2. SPAA will provide a system of services that effectively meets the needs of internal and external constituents, customers, and patrons.
  3. SPAA will oversee and direct assessment activities at the college.
  4. SPAA will provide information and direction to accreditation activities at the college.
  5. SPAA will work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and administration to explore new research projects and share ideas to enhance the educational opportunities at GHC.


Interim Director of the Office of Strategic Planning, Assessment and Accreditation:

Dr. Diane Langston
Georgia Highlands College
3175 Cedartown Highway
Rome, Georgia 30161
(706) 368-7524 (phone)
(706) 204-2279 (fax)


        Research Assistant:

          Amanda West
             Georgia Highlands College
             3175 Cedartown Highway
             Rome, Georgia 30161
             (706) 295-6327 (phone)
             (706) 204-2279 (fax)

Page last updated: March 20, 2015