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SOCI 1160 Online General Information

Online SOCI 1160 is designed for students who are unable to attend traditional-based class, are comfortable with computers and software, are comfortable with written communication, and who are self-motivated. Online is not for everyone, it is important to understand that even though you are not required to be online (or in a classroom) at a certain time, the course is structured with due dates and deadlines. It is important that the student have good time management skills as well as the ability to articulate their understanding of the material through written communication using Standard English rules. Online is a great way for students to learn at home or on the road with some flexibility.

SOCI 1160 is a survey course that introduces the student to the theoretical and empirical analysis of social problems confronting American Society. Course content includes The history and development of social problems and possible solutions are considered. Among the social problems studied are: crime and delinquency, poverty, mental illness, family disorganization and social change.

The Structure of the course includes: discussions for each chapter; assignments, and exams. Assignments and exams are critical thinking in nature and require the students to make applications based on the information from the textbook and other resources. It is important that the student be able to articulate their understanding of the material through their writings as that is the only way the instructor has to evaluate their understanding of the material. The course is structured into Parts which coincides with the textbook. This is a 3 hour credit course so you can expect to spend 3-12 hours weekly depending on the assignments due for each week. All course material is available to the student on the first day of class. Students may work ahead however it is critical that students adhere to deadlines.

A proctored exam is required for the midterm exam. The instructor will provide additional information on dates, times, and locations.


Orientation is located inside the D2L course page. Students are expected to read through all the folders, read the online policy, complete the course agreement, and sign the course policy. If these activities are not done within the first week of class the student will be reported to the Registrar's Office as a No Show and will not be allowed back into the class without first meeting with the instructor.

Important infomation when decidind to take this course online:

It is important that you read through all course content to familiarize yourself with the design of the course. In addition please be aware that I WILL NOT accept coursework outside D2L. This is to protect you and the instructor from "lost" emails etc. Also, keep in mind that online learning is not self-paced. I have very strict deadlines. Course material is available the first day of class, with the exception of the midterm which must be proctored, therefore work WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE. You can work ahead, just do not get behind.

Grading: Grades will be posted one week and one day after due date or sooner.

Emails: I will respond to emails that are generated through D2L within 24-36 hours Monday through Thursday and 48-60 hours on weekends. I typically check emails in the morning or evening each day M-F.

For additional information contact Professor Josh Stovall at jstovall@highlands.edu or 678-872-8028.

Page last updated: April 1, 2014