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Georgia Highlands College (GHC) offers an Associate of Science degree in Nursing (ASN). This allows graduates to sit for the National Council Licensure Exam to become a registered nurse (RN). There are two programs of study. In addition to the RN Program, GHC offers a Career Mobility Program for LPNs and paramedics to obtain an ASN degree. For more information on each of the programs of study, click on the following links.

RN Program

Career Mobility Programs:
LPN-RN Bridge -
Paramedic-RN Bridge

Admission to the nursing program is a three part process: Admission to the college, acceptance to the nursing program, and submission and acceptance of required documentation. Deadlines for applications vary by program of study and admission semester.

College Application Form - printable version. Applicants can also apply for college admission online.
Nursing Application Form


Students are admitted to the RN program once a year in the fall. Admission is highly competitive. Applicants are ranked according to an admission score that is based on grades in the core courses, TEAS V scores, and SAT Math and Critical Reading scores.

Because the nursing program is a time consuming, challenging program with both theory and clinical components, students are encouraged to complete as many of the general academic requirements as possible prior to beginning the program in order to maximize success. The required nursing courses are nine (9) semester hours each which is the equivalent of 3 general academic courses. It is difficult to schedule additional classes with the nursing courses unless they are at night or online.

Courses that students are encouraged to complete prior to entering the nursing program include English, Math, the Biologies and PSYC 2103 Human Growth and Development. Students who enter the RN program in the fall have the opportunity to take additional courses during the summer semester between the first and second year of nursing courses. LPNs and paramedics enter the program in the spring semester. LPNs and paramedics can to take additional courses with their transition course (NURS 1103 or NURS 1104) and during the summer semester prior to beginning the remaining two nursing courses (NURS 2204 and NURS 2205).

Admission to the nursing program is a three part process. Students must be accepted to the college prior to being accepted into the nursing program. If not already enrolled at GHC, students should apply for the semester that the nursing program starts (fall semester for the RN program, spring semester for the LPN-RN and Paramedic-RN programs. Please refer to the application to the college. Once admitted to the college, students are encouraged to meet with a Nursing Advising Specialist. Click on the Advising link for information on contacting a Nursing Advising Specialist. The Advising Specialist can review which courses have been accepted from other institutions and can help students map out a plan for completing the nursing program.


Deadlines for applications vary by program of study and admission semester. Please refer to the Nursing Application form. A $30 non-refundable application fee (different from the application fee to the college) is required. On the application form is a checklist of items that must be received by the application deadline. All documentation must be received by Ms. Hope Weaver in the Admissions office by the application deadline. An application worksheet will be completed from this information in order to determine your admission score that is then ranked for acceptance. Be sure to provide all information requested on the application form in order for an accurate admission score to be determined. You can view the Nursing application worksheet to see how the admission score is calculated.

Deadlines for Application

RN Program:

  • Fall Admission - Deadline is April 1st each year

Career Mobility Program:

  • LPN-RN Bridge - Spring Admission - Deadline is September 1st each year
  • Paramedic-RN Bridge - Spring Admission - Deadline is September 1st each year

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