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  • For information about how to prepare accessible web content, use the menu on the left and see the "Accessibility Guidelines" and the "Making it accessible" sections. Short descriptions appear below.
  • For information about making Office 2010 applications accessible see the "Office 2010 Accessibility" section.
  • For additional information and links about accessibility see the "Resources" section.

What's on each "Accessibility"page?

1. Web accessibility Guidelines

A list of key principles of accessible design. Underlying the idea of making web pages accessible is the concept of "Universal Design," or designing for the widest range of people's abilities. Most accessibility principles can be implemented very easily and will not impact the overall "look and feel" of your web site.

Ten straightforward guidelines to follow when you are preparing content for the Web. The guidelines, based on Section 508  standards, were produces by the UGA Accessibility Group. Making your Web site accessible is neither difficult nor time-consuming, and you can often do so merely by typing text descriptions of pictures so screen-readers can turn the text to speech.

2. Making it Accessible (on the Web)

As the name suggests, this section shows you how to address each of the ten guides in a "How-To" format. Links to step-by-step articles and to videos are given. Following the guidelines in this section will ensure that your Web pages are robust, standard, and accessible to the fullest possible range of users.

3. Office 2010 Accessibility

Microsoft provides videos and step-by-step instructions for making Office Suite applications (Word. PowerPoint, Excel) accessible. Office has several built-in features in both computer-based programs and Web Apps that you can use to increase the accessibility of your files.

4. Accessibility Resources

There are many resources available online which go into depth about issues and laws concerning accessibility. Indeed, there are so many that it is sometimes hard to know where to begin. This page will direct you to the sources you will find most useful to you as a web designer and instructor

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