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Syllabus Fall 2015  8:00 am

Syllabus Fall 2015  11:00 am

Syllabus Fall 2015  2:00 pm


MyMathLab Course ID's for Fall 2015

  • MATH 1001 - 8:00 am MW (Course ID: duke09744)
  • MATH 1001 - 11:00 am MW (Course ID: duke26398)
  • MATH 1001 - 2:00 pm MW (Course ID: duke82765)


MATH Placement Document


Algebra Videos by GHC faculty     (View segments 53, 55, 62 on exponentials)


Introduction to Exponential Functions

Mathematical Models

Exponential Interest Applications

TVM Solver on the TI 84 Revised

Retirement Exploration with TVM Solver

Mortgage Exploration


Logic 1--negation, conjunction, disjunction

Logic 2--truth tables

Logic 3--implication and biconditional

Logic 4--Conditional Statements, Converse, Inverse, Contrapositive

Logic 5--Logical Arguments I

Logic 6--Logical Arguments II

Logic 7--Quantifiers


Introduction to Statistics

Organzing Data

Analyze Data



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