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Billie Robinson RN, MSN

Nursing is a great career, is flexible and offers many opportunities.  I have been a registered nurse since graduating from Floyd College of Nursing in 1979.  Nursing has allowed me to specialize in critical care nursing, care for heart and lung transplant patients and function in a variety of managerial and leadership roles prior to becoming a nursing instructor.  I love teaching nursing as a means of sharing my experiences with others, providing opportunities for growth and development for nurses and giving back to the profession I love.

Join me in the classes I teach which are Nursing Assessment, Community Health, Cultural Diversity and Nursing Informatics.

In the spring of 2015, we will be traveling to San Luis, Costa Rica for a Study Abroad opportunity in Community Health and Cultural Diversity along with students from the Dental Hygiene Department.  This is a very enriching experience in cultural diversity and an opportunity to emerse yourself into the Costa Rican lifestyle and cultural.  This course is offered in collaboration with the University of Georgia on the UGA campus in Costa Rica.  I invite you to google UGACostaRica to view the compelling pictures and videos available on this site.


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