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The 2015 issue of Old Red Kimono will be released in April!† Come and get your free copy at one of the following campus events:

Rome:† Wednesday, April 22, from 12:15-1:30 in the Lakeview Auditorium (Contact: Nancy Applegate)
Douglasville: †Monday, April 27, from 12-1 PM (Contact: Sumer Lang)

Cartersville: Wednesday, April 29, from 2-3 PM (Contact: Jessica Lindberg)
Marietta: †Wednesday, April 29, from 3-5 PM (Contact: Rick Bombard)

Old Red Kimono

Curious to know what was redacted on the back cover of our 2014 issue?

Worried that you're here with a bunch of weirdos?

We can address the first issue. With the second, you're on your own.

Art editor Jessica Dunn enjoys playing her favorite game, World of Warcraft, on her computer.† On weekends, she spends her free time sitting by the lake and drawing or writing her fantasy novel. Late at night when she canít sleep, she writes her beauty blog and posts tutorials of how to achieve different makeup and hair styles.† This is her favorite pastime.† Faculty advisor Nancy Applegate spends her days and nights with her husband Joe, energetically engaged in discussions of topics ranging from football to Shakespeare.† Her favorite parts of working with ORK are Honorís Night and ORK receptions.† While the video cameras make her nervous, she enjoys interacting with students in front of an audience. She spends much of her time photographing animals in their natural habitat and is especially fond of frogs, raccoons, and insects.† Jesse Bishop loves working with the fantastic students on the ORK staff. Interacting with nimble minds, who are eager to learn and to take in as many works as possible, is one of the most rewarding parts of his job. When not helping students, he enjoys having deep, thoughtful conversations about his favorite works of literature, though he also relishes having quick and intense chats with the amazing colleagues who work on his hallway. Connie Watjen loves collaborating with the bright and dedicated students on the ORK staff. She and her husband also enjoy creating magic in the kitchen and take their cooking and eating very seriously. She is obsessed with Seinfeld humor, boldly stealing the best lines for her own personal use; though students rarely understand jokes about spongeworthiness and mastering oneís domain. In her spare time, she immerses herself in her hobbies, which include camping, hiking, biking, and reading, especially anything about how the brain works or the universe began. Student Editor Hillery Sawyer loves to write, travel, and do arts and crafts.† She and her husband James have traveled all across the US and Canada taking photos and can't wait to travel to Europe. Hillery loves being a part of ORK and especially loves the opportunity to read so many inspiring student and local works. Student Assistant Editor James Rosser likes freestyling in front of friends, but sometime gets performance anxiety. When he takes a break from that, he enjoys life as a semi-productive human being. Sometimes, he will go to the gym and exercise vigorously, but that is a rare occurrence.

40+ years of poetry, prose, and art

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