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General Guidelines

Before you read these guidelines, know this: we want work that jumps off of the page and claws its way into our noggins. We want the language to compel this act.  If you've really got something to say and the poem or story is worth reading, send it in. If not, keep working.


  1. Old Red Kimono accepts original artwork, poems, and short stories. Plagiarism, whether accidental or purposeful, is unacceptable. Please send 3-5 poems or short stories under 1,500 words according to the guidelines below. Only students, faculty, and staff may submit artwork at this time.

  2. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, as long as writers notify us immediately in the event of publication elsewhere.

  3. Typed or emailed submissions are preferred, but handwritten submissions will be accepted as long as they are neat and readable. Email submissions should be sent as attachments in Microsoft Word format, or the poems or stories should be copied and pasted in the body of an email.

  4. Each submission should be accompanied by a cover letter with the writer's name(s), mailing address, and E-mail address; these items should be printed on each submission as well. If you are affiliated with GHC, please indicate this in your cover letter.

  5. Work must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you expect a response. Only decisions will be mailed. We never make comments on your work. Manuscripts will be recycled.

  6. Submissions from GHC students, faculty, and staff are accepted throughout the academic year; submissions from outside contributors are reviewed from October through February. The deadline for submission to the Spring 2015 issue of Old Red Kimono is February 15, 2015.
  7. If you are affiliated with GHC, you may email your submission to one of our editors, deposit it in our box in the Social Sciences Office, or forward it to us via campus mail.

    If you are not a student, please send your submission to:

    Old Red Kimono
    Georgia Highlands College
    3175 Cedartown Hwy SE
    Rome, GA 30161

    Or email to:

    Dr. Nancy Applegate
    Professor of English

  8. As a general rule, your work stands a much better chance of being accepted to the magazine if you title it. Please, title your work- it tells us that you care about what you do.

  9. Old Red Kimono pays in copies. Contributors receive two copies. Additional copies may be purchased for $3 each.

  10. If you have questions, please E-mail us.
Page last updated: August 20, 2014