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Nursing Faculty:

NamePrimary CampusOfficePhoneEmailWebsite
Patricia Vincent Heritage Hall    706-802-5124  Website
LaDeitris Ferguson Floyd    706-295-6306  Website
Julie Crawford Heritage Hall    706-295-6321  Website
Sue West Heritage Hall    706-295-6321  Website
Connie Barbour Heritage Hall    706-295-6321  Website
Billie Robinson Heritage Hall    706-295-6321  Website
Patty Moran Heritage Hall    706-295-6306  Website
Paula Stover Heritage Hall    706-295-6306  Website
Karen Wetherington Heritage Hall    706-295-6321  Website
Deidre Markham Wellstar Development Center    706-295-6306  Website
Debbie Amason Wellstar Development Center    770-956-6392  Website
Haley Harrison Heritage Hall    706-204-2241  Website
Lynelle Callender Heritage Hall  180D  706-204-2231  Website
Pauline Ruel Heritage Hall  180G  706-295-6321  Website
Maryanne Sandberg Heritage Hall  180H  706-204-2236  Website
Charlene Jablonski Heritage Hall  192  706-295-6321  Website
Rebecca Maddox Heritage Hall  H-112  706-295-6321  Website
Janet Alexander Heritage Hall  HH 250A  632-6-  Website
Barbara Cozby Heritage Hall  HH111  706-295-6321  Website
Dale Carroll Heritage Hall  HH180B  706-295-6321  Website
Lynn Herman Heritage Hall  hh180F  706-295-6321  Website
Marjorie Frazier Heritage Hall  HH181D  706-295-6321  Website
Christine Hicks Heritage Hall  HH194  706-295-6321  Website

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