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GHC Announces Spring 2011 Dean’s List

Georgia Highlands College has announced the 2011 spring Dean’s List honorees. To achieve this honor, students must complete a minimum of nine semester hours and earn at least a 3.5 grade-point average. The following students were named to the Dean’s List for spring semester.

Bartow County


Ashley Bailey                                      

Stephanie Bianchi                               

Brittany Blevins                                        

Wesley Brown                                        

John Carpenter                                    

Daniel Castaneda                                          

Matthew Clark                                        

Leah Craig                                      

Craig Dickerson                                         

Jared Franklin                                          

Laurie Gipson                                      

Mitchell Gookins                                     

Maria Griffey                                 

Megan Harper                                       

Benjamin Hofmeister                                

Dana Hogan                                       

Meagan Maskell                                        

Peter Miles                                        

Shannon Mulvey                           

Adam Piatt                                        

Ross Skeen                                        

Aaron Smith                                      

Soyar  Soeun                                         

Chelsie Speight                             

Emily Vaughn                              

Shane Yandow                                       

Destiny Zimmer                                  



Peter Holloway                                      

Natasha Johnson                                  

Laura Mealer                                     

Joel Quintero                                     

Wynne Rogers                                    

Melanie Taylor



Samantha Amyx                                    

Kristie Bailey-Snyder                            

Erin Baugh                                   

Christy Belcher                               

Steven Blume                                

Patrick Bostic                                 

Heather Boyd                                   

Donna Briggs                                      

Christopher Campbell                             

Stephanie Cooney                         

Aaron Craven                                          

Anita Duncan                                    

Teresa Everhardt                              

Nicolas Garcia                                      

Joshua Geer                                     

Khristian Godbout                                 

Lisa Griffin                            

Emily Harrison                                   

Steven Hickom                                     

Aimee Ivascu                                   

Joshua Jacobs                                 

Charlene Jones                            

Jason Jordan                                  

Christie Juarez                               

Rachel King                                       

Jeremy Linville                                     

Ryan Mathis                                  

Christopher McAbee                           

Carrie McDaniel                                 

Maria Moncayo                               

Kari Morse                                     

Terrijana Nelson                               

Christopher O'Bryant                               

Cathleen Phillips                               

Joshua Proctor                                 

Heather Redding                                    

Alexander Reynolds                              

Megan Roberson                                  

Mary Shaw                                      

Wendy Simmons                                       

Amanda Stevens                               

Jena Stinchcomb                                  

Nora Sullivan                      

Javares Sylvester                                 

Adam Thomas                                 

Tyler Thomas                                    

Lucretia Tidwell                             

Susan Turgeon                             

Kimberly Turner                                  

Joseph Wade                                         

Amanda Wade                                    

Robert Warden                                      

Jeannie Warden                                   

Lauren West                                    

Kimberly Young                                  

Orry Young                                       



Heather Ray



John Germany



Rachelle Allen                             

Jody Bays                                       

Terra Brown                                        

Daniel Fisher                            

Erika Gentry                              

Alyssa Johns                                   

Timothy Squires



Emily Evans                                            

Paula Mullinax                               

Shana Tomblin    



Elijah DeBroux                             

Robert Lester                                  

Jonathan Maxwell                               

Kayleigh Patrick                                   

James Simpson 



Taffie Adcock                                       

Christina Alexandersen                      

Jessyca Arndt                                  

Samuel Cantu                                 

William Hood                                 

Jessica Lundak                                   

Florence Myszkowiak                                   

Emily Powell       


Carroll County


Erin Harrington

Manisha Vaughn



Katherine Price


Villa Rica

Nancy Coleman                               

Jannette Turner                                

Nicholas Waldon     



Taylor Campbell


Cobb County


Adrielle Sewell



Kerry Akers                              

Valarie Bakkar                            

Kara Bell                                  

Valerie Croy

Megan Edge

Megan Stepansky                                

Kevin Gardner                               

Kolayna Johnston                          

Waundricka Jones                           

Brittany Kelchner                         

Mark Kellett                                 

Kenneth Kingery                            

Katie Laskowski                                

Kenneth Manis                                     

Daniel Marchildon                            

Jeremy Meeks                                    

Paxton Meyers                                     

James Mitchell                                

Kaitlin Mortensen                            

Danette Murner                                

Patricia Ogle                                

Abraham  Ortiz                                      

Angelica Perez                           

Michelle Pineda                            

Nehemie  Prophete                                     

Rosie  Rippe                                             

Matthew Roberts                                     

Britny Sadowski                             

Hao  Su                                            

Juliet Thomas                                

Monique  Thompson                                  

Allison Walsh                                 

Clayton West                                 

Daniel Whitmore   



James Austin                              

Marta Gruzdova



Edward Adams                                  

Katherine Borgel                                 

Luana Borges                                       

Nicholas Bradley                                

Laura Brewer                                        

Emily Brumfield                                 

Ryan Bucki                                         

Rex Burch                                    

Justin Clover                                 

Adam Cummings                                 

Eric Edwards                                  

Samuel Gordon                                 

Ashley Granger                           

Andrew Grant                               

Lauren Hardman                     

Debra Kaferly                                   

Elizabeth Kruger

Abigail Kuffour                              

Rachel Mack                                       

Galen Maret                                       

Martha Mungai                               

Christina Myers                                 

Diana Nguyen                                        

Donald Owens                                       

Bernadette Privateer                           

Adela Prozorac                                      

Ignacio Rivera                                     

Jesus Romero                                      

Sami Sarris                                       

Taylor Savoy                                  

Andrew Schneider                                    

David Singletary                       

Gregory Singletary                         

Heewon Sohn                                        

Juan Soto                               

Kristi Stansberry                        

Benjamin Stegman                              

Roketria Thornton                           

Kerbie Tuazon                                           

Jeffery Tucker                                 

Shannon Waddle                                

Patrick Warren                                

Bengie Watts                                       

Amanda Weigers                             

Eugene Williams                             

Hanna Yu  


Powder Springs

Diana Alfonso                               

Lexus Anderson                             

Amanda Berkheiser                              

Alexis Caldwell                            

Jameson Chipman                               

Dana Garbe                                   

Regina Goodson                             

Amari Harkness                               

Audrey Helms                                  

Lauren Helton                                    

Tyler Jones                                  

Kelly Lavertu                              

Jamie McCrary                           

Amanda Mosley                               

Cynthia Ocasio                                    

Garrett Reynolds                            

Lisa Schroeder 

Julia Scott                            

Matthew Skinner                               

Jacquelyn Smith                                    

Chelsie Speight  



Paloma  Arredondo                                  

Nichole Gomez                                      

Daniela Ramirez                                      

Elisheva Ray                                

Daniel Underwood                                 

Lauren Windell   


Chattooga County


Leslie Klusack                              

Christina Mitchell                            

Mariah Mosqueda                          

Annaca Sills                                 

Christopher Spurbeck                        

Chelsea Stoker                                  

Samuel Thompson



Kelsea Jones                                

Nicole McKenna


Cherokee County

Ball Ground

Caleb Cross                                   

AmberLee Herpy                                 

Megan Hight                                    

Louis Nazro                                 

Jessica Rampley



Rick Bornmann                               

Meghan Cowart                            

Lee Cox                                          

Caleb Davis                                   

Thomas Dowdy                                 

Kevin Gibby                                       

Michelle Grubbs                                  

Nevin Hillegass                                

Julian Johnson                                

Hannah King                                     

Carlos Kokinda                             

Christopher Lawson                             

Andrew Ligon                               

David McGowan                                

Danny Montenegro                                 

Steven Pilchard                              

Brandi Price                                      

Jonathan Reece                              

Holly Richards                        

Michael Stoddard                                      

Brittany Tanner                             

Lisa Toney                                       

Evangeline Toney                             

Kimberly VanBuren                              

Lindsay Wasielewski



Whitley Hawthorne                          

Catrina Stager



Mimoza Aliu                                       

David Beaver                                   

Taylor Cobb                                  

Kyla Grainger                             

Laurenda Guilford                             

Suzanne Haloszka                             

Vanessa Hill                                  

Joshua Hufham                              

Deanna Lachance                               

Jessica McCollum                             

Jeana Monroe                                 

Carolyn Mraz                                  

Teresa Pavlicek                            

Emma Reeves                               

Gaelyn Soutar                              

Andrew Torres                             

Connor Woodworth    


Douglas County


Abena Agyekum                                

Christopher Beauchamp                       

Kerri Bethell                             

Jessica Compton                         

Erik Davison                              

Corey Fincher                                

Scott Fulton                             

Jonalan Goodfriend                          

Tania Ibarra                                 

Christopher Lairsey                             

Sally Luna                                     

Lindy McDaniel                                

Rose Moise                                

Jessica Samurda                             

Tamara Schneider                               

Scott Sexton                                 

Dorothy Thomas                                   

Jake Thompson                               

Joseph Worley  


Lithia Springs

William Adams


Floyd County


Zachary Gibson                              

Courtney Jameson                                

Jessica Johnstone


Cave Spring

Amber Ellison                                   

Tosha Garrett                              

Courtney Smith



Trevor Chafin                                   

Zachary Johnston                               

Kamilah Mcelwee                                

Jessica Smith



Kai Abrahams                                 

Brittany Adams                                    

Krystin Allaire                              

William Atha                                

Jessica Barnes                                   

Charles Bawcom                                        

Michele Billings                                   

Kevin Blythe                                   

Tara Brown                                     

Adam Brown                                     

Christopher Bruce                           

Lindsey Carden                                     

Alejandro Chavez                                   

Mengyin Cheng                                 

Linda Chuong                                      

Kathy Chuong                                       

Heather Churchill                                

Jeffery Compeau                               

Holly Curry                                       

Steven Davis                                  

Cristy Dillard                                      

Jeanie Doegg                                 

John Erickson                                      

Kristen Fallin                                  

Hannah Farmer                                

Joshua Ferguson                              

Jacob Forrister                                      

Michael Freitas                             

Megan Gafnea                                      

Lynette Godfrey                                  

Luis Goya                                   

Christopher Gresham                                 

Ivan Guzman                               

Karla Hernandez                              

Penny Hines                                       

Avery Holcombe                                  

Donna Jacks-Moore                                

Taylor Jacobs                                

Cory Key                                         

Drusila Lomeli                                      

Phillis Lyons                                  

Karen Martin                               

Kimberly McHenry                               

Whitney Meers                                     

Megen Middleton                                

Dario Miranda                           

Bethzayin Morillon                        

Brandie Newman                           

Krupa Patel                                   

Sajni Patel                                      

Michael Peterson                                

Alejandra Pizano                                  

Robert Raymond                                

Katie Redden                                     

Matthew Rhinehart                               

Stacy Roberts                              

Amy Robitshek                                 

Aaron Roby                                  

Fauntine Scott                            

Shandi Shedd                                       

Suzanna Shedd                                   

Katie Shetter                                     

Jessica Singleton                              

Crystal Sizemore                              

Carlalitta Smith                            

Carmen Smith                                  

Bryan Sunrich                             

Daniel Teuscher                               

Megan Tinkle                                      

Alice Towe                                      

Tu LeAnh Tran                                      

Tiffany Turner                                

Munazza Waseem                                          

Elizabeth Weaver                             

Rachel Weber                                    

Jessica West                                     

Christa White                                    

Shandy Williams                                  

Jamee Woodall



Kellen Churchill                               

Rebecca Crooks                                     

Wesley Harrison


Silver Creek

Maggie Jackson                               

Patrick Jones                                 

Honesty Knight                            

Andrew Mathis

Haley Mullen                                

Samuel Parker                                

Allison Thornton                              

Alice Towe                                   

Brandon Treglown                             

Rebecca Yangoren                                          


Gordon County


Adrienne Beasley                             

Tabitha Beck                                 

Lisa Callaway                                

Luisa Estrada                                

Hannah Hudgens                                 

Tracy Jackson                                 

Bradley Kessler                              

Joseph Neal                                  

Brandy Riekert                               

Randi Sloan



Robert Powers



Lyric Kirk


Haralson County


Cole Ayers                                

Kylie Lee                                     

Matthew Patterson



Miranda Morgan



Ciara Brown

Whitney Davis


Paulding County


Elizabeth Alford                                  

Michelle Baker                                 

Brandi Barton                            

Ahmad Belton                                 

Jennifer Betts                               

Christina Blair                              

Deborah Branson                            

Ashley Burton                                    

Cayley Cohran                            

Raymond Colbert                               

Olivia Davis                                

Dylan Dejesus                                     

Donjeta Devcha                                   

Dana Dwornitski                                   

Christa Evans                                

Hannah Fennell                             

Melissa Fowler                                   

Karis Holt                                    

Erin Jenkins                                 

April Kelly                                     

Chelsea Kimmons                              

Melissa Lehman                                  

Casi Link                                    

Krystal Mayfield                                   

Tara Menard                                   

Sandra Pullin-Schertler                           

Gary Rainer                                  

Amanda Roberts                               

Melanie Rogers                                 

Victoria Todd                                 

Kayla Tomes                                

Diana Vanderhoof                                 

Sabrina Watson                                  

Blake Wright 



Paige  Albritton                                   

Dayna Baugher                               

Andrea Davis                                

Jennifer Erhardt                             

Morgan Graham                                 

Wayne Harkins                                   

Matthew Kendall                                 

Ariana McBean                                 

Gloria Mellado-Barboza                               


Polk County


Bethany Blevins                                

Allison Caldwell                            

Emily Gore                                      

Vanessa King                              

Donna McCloud                                   

Zachary Smith                                   

Erica Williams



Jadda Armer                                       

Thomas Beckman                                

Randall Bell                                   

Pyung Choi                                   

Misty Collins                                   

Robin Duke                                     

Clint Ellenburg                           

Sara Garner                                       

Chance Hooper                                   

Amanda Ingram                             

Melodye Kenney                               

Jolie Mason                                 

Julie McRae                                    

Karla Payan                                 

Kristina Pineda                              

John Rogers                                     

Amelia Sellears                               

Matthew Stone 



Amber Ellis                                

Crystal Fennell                              

Rebecca Garland                               

Alic Hitchcock                             

Michael Huckaby                              

Stephanie Ivey                               

Crystal Mayben                                 

Laurie Morris                                         

James Palm                                      

Jesse Purser                                

Tiffany Robinson                                

Stephen Sanders                               

Lindsey Wheeler                                 

Michelle deSilva                                

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