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Dr. Stephanie M. Wright

Assistant Professor of Psychology | Faculty Sponsor, Honors Club

Division of Social Sciences, Business, and Education

Georgia Highlands College

Office: F-146, Floyd Campus


Email: stwright@highlands.edu

Office Hours: MW 10:30am-12:30pm & 3:30pm-4:00pm | TR 8:30am-9:30am | by appointment

Fall 2015 Courses

PSYC 2103-F2 & F3 Introduction to Human Development (F2 @ MW 12:30-1:45 | F3 @ TR 11:00-12:15)

PSYC 2165-F1 Abnormal Psychology (MW 2:00-3:15)

PSYC 2300-F1 Research Methods in Psychology (TR 2:00-3:15, lab R 3:30-5:30) | NEW COURSE | VIEW FLYER

GHSS 2901-F2 Psychology of Women (TR 9:30-10:45) | NEW COURSEVIEW FLYER 

PSYC 2222-F1 Special Topics in Psychology (time TBA) Undergraduate Research Lab: Students wishing to participate in original research on helping behaviors associated with bystander intervention in situations involving domestic and/or sexual violence should contact me at stwright@highlands.edu.


Any undergraduate psychology students interested in research opportunities or Honors Club, contact me at stwright@highlands.edu. You may also visit the Honors Club website.


Page last updated: August 12, 2015