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Web-Based ENGL 1101... 

  • is designed for those who need flexibility in their schedule and are self-motivated
  • requires at least a minimum comfort level with email and D2L
  • teaches college-level writing skills
  • includes an introduction to GHC library services
  • focuses on argumentative thesis statements, correct grammar and usage, and other essential writing skills
  • typically involves 3-12 hours of student work each week 
  • has set due dates, but schedule flexibility because students can work ahead when needed and only need to log-in twice weekly
  • requires no on-campus meetings (mandatory individual conferences with instructor can be completed via Collaborate)

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Required Materials

1. Required Textbooks:

  • Harbrace Essentials (ISBN 978-0-495-90836-4)
  • short Norton Reader, 13 ed. (ISBN: 978-0-393-91219-7)*
  • They Say/I Say, 2nd ed.(ISBN: 978-0-393-93361-1)*

2. Internet Access—at home or school

3. Microsoft Office 2007/2010 or equivalent word processing program

*These two texts can be purchased from the GHC bookstore or the W. W. Norton website as a discounted package.


Major Assignments

  • Timed Essay (2 pages)
  • Definition, Persuasive, and Analysis Essays (length varies up to 4 pages)
  • Self-Reflective Final Essay (4 pages)

**The number and type of assignments in this list is subject to change.  This list is intended as a general guide only.** 


Am I ready for an online class? Will you be successful in this course?

If this is your first online course, I would highly recommend that you take the Readiness for Education At a Distance Indicator (READI) to assess your readiness, your goals, and your learning preferences.  

You can find the READI at  http://goml.readi.info/

On that page you will find several User Names and Passwords.  Select and use the one that best fits your major area of study.  When the READI opens, you will notice a navigation bar on the left side. The items listed in the bar are the areas that you will be measured on by the indicator.  At the end, a report will be displayed which you can use to help you prepare to be successful as a distance-learning student.


Page last updated: April 30, 2014