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Welcome to Communication 1100 Online & Hybrid-Online

Hybrid-Online Courses:

Hybrid-Online course sections are designed to include both an online and in-class component.  Class will meet once weekly on the assigned day. 

Class time is used mostly for speeches, tests, group work and other learning activities.  Attendance is required.

The remaining material is presented in an online format.  The student will work independently by reading the textbook, and by accessing the D2L course website and completing the reading and assignments posted there. 

Students will need regular access to an up-to-date computer and the internet to be successful in this course.  Time commitment necessary to do well:  2 hours per week online in addition to time required for reading the textbook, preparing for speeches, completing homework, etc.

Online Courses: 

Online course sections include a required orientation session and required in-person class meetings during which speeches are presented and exams given. 

Course materials will be delivered through both the textbook and the D2L course webpage. Students must have regular access to an up-to-date computer and the internet, a means of recording digital video, and be exremely disciplined to be successful in this course. 

Students will work independently by reading the textbook and accessing the course webpage to complete the assignments and activities posted.

Need more detailed information about Online COMM 1100? See the frequently asked questions FAQs page.



Page last updated: February 11, 2015