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Nancy Applegate, Ph.D.
Professor of English

Office:  F-170   (Floyd Campus)                                                        
Phone:  (706) 368-7702
Email: napplega@highlands.edu


B.A.       West Georgia College
M.A.       UNC Chapel Hill
Ph.D.     Florida State University

Faculty Advisor for Old Red Kimono

Course Schedule for Fall 2014:

  • ENGL 1101   #80165    WEB
  • ENGL 2131   #80768   WEB
  • ENGL 1102   #80119   MW 9:30-10:45   F-149
  • ENGL 2132   #80129   MW 12:30-1:45  F-150

(All course syllabi are posted in Desire2Learn.)

Office Hours for Fall 2014:

M:  10:45-12:30; 1:45-3:00
T:  9:30-3:00
W:  10:45-12:30; 1:45-3:00
Th:  By Appointment

Office:  F-170, Floyd Campus












Students in online courses: please email me if you have questions.  Once the semester begins, you may access the course information via D2L.  Orientations for online courses should be completed during the first week of the semester.


The orientation for ENGL 1101 WEB will be completed online.  As you complete the orientation, you will learn the following skills: 

  • How to use Desire2Learn to access course materials, send email, and complete online tests, quizzes, and discussions
  • How to set up a turnitin.com account and submit an essay
  • How to view graded papers within turnitin.com
  • How to properly format essays
  • How to use SCORE to set up a midterm exam session

If you are relatively comfortable using a compter, you should be able to complete the online orientation without difficulty.  If you feel you would benefit from face-to-face discussion of the above topics, please make an appointment to see me in my office during the first week of class.

Online classes are challenging.  If English and writing have always been difficult for you, or if you have had trouble with ENGL 1101 in the past, I recommend that you speak with me before enrolling in this class.  A face-to-face class may be a better option.

Midterm Exam (Web-Based ENGL 1101):

The midterm will be scheduled through the testing centers--a variety of days/times are available on most campuses.

**Online conferences or face-to-face meetings may be required for some students. This determination will be based on the level of success with writing assignments, but no more than two conferences will be arranged per student. **

Page last updated: July 26, 2014