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Melanie Largin


Office 135

Phone:  678-872-4234

Email:  mlargin@highlands.edu


Welcome to Georgia Highlands College


Office Hours Summer 2014

Wednesdays 8am to 11am in Douglasville Office 135 also via Collaborate

Other times available by appointment - please send an email to schedule


Classes Summer 2014

  • Math 0987 via Collaborate at the following link


MW 11:15am - 2:35pm

Douglasville students meet in Room 129

Marietta students meet in Norton Hall R2-219

Link to MyMathLab  http://mymathlab.com

Course Name:  Math 0987 Summer 2014 MW 11:15am Largin CRN 50258

Course ID:  largin80719


  • Math 0099 MW 3pm - 6:20 pm - Douglasville Room 114

Link to MyMathLab  http://mymathlab.com

Course Name:  Math 99 Summer 2014 MW 3pm Largin CRN 50256

Course ID:  largin43494




Page last updated: June 8, 2014