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Lavinia Heaton

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Georgia Highlands College, Floyd Campus, Rome, GA


Contact Information                          Office Hours Fall 2013

Office: W-347                                                 M: 10:50 am-12:00 pm (Math Lab in Library)                                                                                           1:50 pm-4:00 pm

Office:  706-368-7521                                    T:  12:20 pm-1:50 pm; 3:20 pm-4:50 pm


Home: 770-748-6638                                    W:  10:50 am-12:00 pm (Math Lab in Library)                                                                                                              1:50 pm-3:00 pm

                                                                       R:   3:20 pm-4:50 pm

Classes Fall 2013

MATH 1111 MW 9:30

MATH 1111 MW 12:30

MATH 1111 TR 11:00

MATH 1111 TR 2:00














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