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Online courses offer students a great deal of flexibility in scheduling as well as access to information and communication resources not found in the traditional classroom. †Classes allow students to view the syllabus, policies, assignments, lecture notes, multimedia presentations, and interactive tutorials. Most of the communication with the professor and other students is via e-mail, electronic discussion forums and blogs. Typically, at least 95% of the course content and contact with students is online. These are not self-paced courses as there are due date requirements for assignments.† Online courses require at least one proctored exam or assignment that will require students to come on campus. †In addition, some online courses may require that students attend a mandatory (required) in-person orientation or an orientation in a Web conference format.† Note that these are listed under Web-Base courses in the GHC registration system.

GHC Hybrid

Hybrid courses combine traditional classroom instruction with an electronic component. Classes meet on an abbreviated or limited schedule throughout the semester with the remaining course materials being delivered via distance. Classroom attendance is required on the assigned days. Additional information about specific classes can be found at the websites provided with the specific course. Detailed class information can be found at the website or email address provided with each hybrid course listing. GHC offers two types of hybrid courses

Substantial Online Hybrid: Excluding proctored exams, between 75% to 95% of the class content and activities is online.† There can be at most 7 class meetings in a semester. Note that these are listed under Web-Base courses in the GHC registration system.

Traditional Hybrid: There are regular class meetings required by 25% to 75% of content and activities are online. There can be from 8 and 22 class meetings in a semester. Note that these are listed by campus in the GHC registration system.

GHC College by DVD

College by DVD provides students with a series of DVDís that contain course lectures and materials needed to complete the course.† Courses, which are produced on campus with Georgia Highlandís faculty, are accompanied by traditional text, handouts, and online supplements. Periodically during the semester students will meet with the instructor on campus for tests, labs, etc.

Please Note:† All eLearning students are expected to have their own computer and Internet access which is independent of GHC campus sites.

Page last updated: August 12, 2013