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Division of Mathematics Faculty

Name / Website Campus Discipline Office Phone Email
Dilshad Akrayee Floyd Mathematics   706-936-1144  dakrayee@highlands.edu
Erna Anderson Marietta Mathematics 678-872-8099  eanderso@highlands.edu
Sandra Anderson Cartersville Mathematics 254-D  678-872-8101  sanderso@highlands.edu
Carole Brannon-King Paulding Computer Studies 678-872-8099  cbrannon@highlands.edu
Valerie Brittman Douglasville Mathematics 678-872-8099  vbrittma@highlands.edu
John Cameli Cartersville Computer Studies    678-872-8099  jcameli@highlands.edu
Susan Carroll Cartersville Mathematics   678-872-8099  scarroll@highlands.edu
Joan Christian Floyd Mathematics   678-872-8099  jchristi@highlands.edu
Nancy Compton Cartersville Mathematics   678-872-8099  ncompton@highlands.edu
Margaret Davis Floyd Mathematics   678-872-8099  mdavis@highlands.edu
Johnny Duke Floyd Mathematics W-337  706-368-7518  jduke@highlands.edu
Kevin Dyke Paulding Mathematics 411-A   678-946-1021  kdyke@highlands.edu
Carole Farr Floyd Computer Studies    678-872-8099  cfarr@highlands.edu
Tim Floyd Cartersville Mathematics 339  678-872-8109  tfloyd@highlands.edu
Emily Flynt Cartersville Mathematics   678-872-8099  eflynt@highlands.edu
Benjamin Fredua Marietta Mathematics   678-872-8099  bfredua@highlands.edu
Marlene Goodrum Marietta Mathematics   678-872-8099  mgoodrum@highlands.edu
Libby Gore Floyd Mathematics W-217  706-295-6773  lgore@highlands.edu
James Graham Cartersville Mathematics 339  678-872-8070  jgraham@highlands.edu
Brent Griffin Marietta Mathematics Norton 224  678-872-8524  bgriffin@highlands.edu
Marc Hannah Floyd Computer Science 104  706-368-7711  mhannah@highlands.edu
Chris Hart Marietta Mathematics 222  678-872-8099  chart@highlands.edu
Ed Hawkins Floyd Mathematics W-347  706-368-7521  ehawkins@highlands.edu
Sandra Howell Cartersville Mathematics   678-872-8099  sahowell@highlands.edu
Luba Ibrahim Marietta Mathematics Norton 223  678-872-8544  librahim@highlands.edu
Susan Kapitza Cartersville Mathematics   678-872-8099  skapitza@highlands.edu
Paul Kapitza Cartersville Mathematics 256-J  678-872-8190  pkapitza@highlands.edu
Harriet Kiser Floyd Mathematics W-343  706-368-7527  hkiser@highlands.edu
Gretchen Kotz Cartersville Mathematics 256-I  678-872-8077  gkotz@highlands.edu
Melanie Largin Douglasville Mathematics 135  678-872-4234  mlargin@highlands.edu
David Little Cartersville Mathematics   678-872-8099  dlittle@highlands.edu
Vincent Manatsa Douglasville Mathematics 148  678-872-4228  vmanatsa@highlands.edu
Sharmon Monagan Cartersville Computer Studies    678-872-8099  smonagan@highlands.edu
Brenda Moss Cartersville Mathematics   678-872-8099  brmoss@highlands.edu
David Nance Cartersville Mathematics   678-872-8099  dnance@highlands.edu
Julie Neighbors Cartersville Mathematics 678-872-8099  jneighbo@highlands.edu
Camille Pace Cartersville Mathematics 256-E  678-872-8099  chernand@highlands.edu
Tatyana Pavluscenco Marietta Mathematics Norton 223  678-872-8521  tpavlusc@highlands.edu
Bonnie Perkins Paulding Mathematics   678-872-8099  bperkins@highlands.edu
Xiuming Quan Floyd Computer Studies    678-872-8099  xquan@highlands.edu
Laura Ralston Cartersville Mathematics 337  678-872-8115  lralston@highlands.edu
Bhukan Rathore Paulding Mathematics 407-B  678-946-1014  brathore@highlands.edu
Debbie Routt Paulding Mathematics   678-872-8099  droutt@highlands.edu
Donald Rucker Cartersville Mathematics   678-872-8099  drucker@highlands.edu
Kelly Shane Floyd Mathematics W-221  706-368-7750  kshane@highlands.edu
Jason Shuster Cartersville Mathematics 706-368-7750  jshuster@highlands.edu
Nealon Smith Douglasville Computer Studies    678-872-8099  nsmith@highlands.edu
David Stelts Floyd Computer Studies    678-872-8099  dstelts@highlands.edu
Mindy Surrett Cartersville Mathematics 706-368-7750  msurrett@highlands.edu
Glenn Vermillion Marietta Mathematics Norton 225  678-872-8525  gvermill@highlands.edu
Stanley Williams Paulding Mathematics   678-872-8099  swilliam@highlands.edu
David Yankey Marietta Mathematics   678-872-8099  dyankey@highlands.edu
Kathy Young Cartersville Mathematics 256-G  678-872-8191  khunt@highlands.edu


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