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ENGL 1101

Prerequisites: Completion of English 020 or 0099 with a grade of C or better, or SAT Verbal score of 480, CPE score of 78, COMPASS score of 60, or BSE score of 68

Course Description: English 1101 is the first credit-level course in college composition. The course instruction is in the mechanics and principles of standard usage. English 1101 emphasizes the argumentative and expository modes, providing practice in both clear thinking and effective communication.

Course Requirements: Students are required to read all assigned material by the date each appears on the calendar. Students will be assigned six essays, all of which must be completed to successfully exit the course. A study of basic grammar elements, research methods and documentation, and literature will be included in the course. There will also be exams over materials covered and journal writings. Students will also be expected to complete all classwork and homework as assigned.

Engl 1102

Prerequisites: Completion of English 1101 with a grade of C or better or exemption of 1101 through the Advanced Placement Test.

Catalog Description: A composition course focusing on skills required for effective writing in a variety of contexts with emphasis on exposition, analysis and argument. Also includes introductory use of a variety of research skills.

Course Requirements: Students will be required to read all assigned material for discussion on the date each title appears on the syllabus. Students will be assigned five essays, both in class and out of class. These essays will require no outside research. There will be a research project with components due throughout the semester. In addition, there will be an oral presentation. Students will also be given a series of tests over the reading material and literary terms. Students are also expected to participate in class discussion. Students are expected to complete all classwork and homework as assigned.


Things to consider before taking an online course:

Taking an online course can be a wonderful experience for independent, motivated students.  You can read and review material somewhat at your own pace. You can turn in your work via the Internet.  But it takes discipline to keep up on your own.

You must have access to the Internet and have good computer skills.   You will have to access the D2L website for the course regularly.  Most of the coursework will be submitted over the Internet.  You will be required to download, open, and send attachments. Not having good, reliable access to the Internet will put you at a huge disadvantage. 

Online courses have a high drop rate.  Many students mistakenly think the courses will be easier than traditional courses.  The workload is the same.  However, these courses are more difficult for students who cannot keep up with the work on their own.  You must be able to manage the reading and the writing assignments completely on your own.  If you can do this, then you will succeed and the experience will be a good one.  If you have trouble working independently outside of a traditional classroom, then an online course may not be for you. Also, if you have struggled with writing and/or reading comprehension, an online English composition or literature course might not be the best choice. You must come to campus to take three tests. You will be taking the midterm and final through the Testing Centers. You will be responsible for signing up for these dates and times yourselves.

Students can take the SmarterMeasure Survey to gauge their readiness to take online classes. The web address is here:









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