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Faculty Academy Calendar

This page includes tentative caldendars for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. All faculty academy sessions are held in Room 210 at the Cartersville campus. Dates for Spring 2015 will be up by October 2014. Note that faculty academy dates, times, and locations may change based on faculty preference. Courses labled (Y1) are required for full-time, year 1 faculty while (Y2) courses are required for full-time, year 2 faculty. Courses labled (e) are electives. All courses are open to full-time and part-time faculty working at GHC.

Faculty Academy, Spring 2015


9:00am - 10:20am


11:50pm - 1:10pm

1/16/2015 The Craft of Teaching: STEM Fields (Y1) Craft of teaching: Social Sciences (Y1) Craft of Teaching: Humanites (Y1)
2/13/2015 Advising with Blackboard Collaborate (e) Advanced Teaching with Blackboard Collaborate (e) Mac 101 (e)
2/20/2015 Horizon Report 2015 (e) Got Your 6: Interacting with Student Veterans (e) Teaching Online: Free & Easy Tools (e)
3/13/2015 Crafting Great Rubrics (e) Creating Engaging Videos: Part 1 (e) Creating Engaging Videos: Part 2 (e)
4/10/2015 Ethical Concerns in Higher Education (Y1) Introduction to Faculty Senate (Y1) Student Judical Processes (Y1)
4/17/2015 Service Learning at GHC (e) Promotion and Tenure (Y1)  



Using Data for Teaching Improvement (e) Using Quality Matters to Improve Your Course (e) Open Online Resouces (e)
5/1/2015 Accessibility by Design: Part 1 (Y2) Accessibility by Design: Part 2 (Y2) Online Teaching Panel (Y2)

Faculty Academy, Fall 2014


9:00am -10:25am

10:35am -12:00pm

1:00pm - 2:30pm

8/8/2014 Introduction to Faculty Academy (Y1) Building a Faculty Website (Y1) Introduction to D2L (Y1)
8/22/2014 D2L Course Builder (Y1) D2L Gradebook (Y1) D2L Quiz Tool (e)
9/05/2014 Classroom Mangement (Y1) Classroom Engagement (e) Classroom Assessment (e)
9/19/2014 Student Support Services (Y1) GHC Travel (e)  
10/03/2014 Basic Advising (Y1) Intermediate Advising (Y2)  
10/17/2014 Library Services (Y1) Copyright (Y1) Turnitin (e)

Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor (e)

Respondus 4.0 (e)/Studymate Author (e)  
11/21/2014 Statutes, Policy, & Procedures (Y1) Assessment at GHC (Y1)  

D2L 10.3 Info Session (e)





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