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Alternative Dispute Resolution at Georgia Highlands College


Georgia Highlands College offers confidential assistance to all members of the campus community with informally resolving conflict or other concerns and issues. The Campus Intake Officer listens, answers questions, makes referrals, and explains College policies and procedures. Georgia Highlands College also offers mediation between individuals or groups in a dispute to resolve conflict. Mediation and facilitation services offered by the College give all persons involved in conflict the opportunity to discuss problems and cooperate in generating options for resolving disputes. Neither the Campus Intake Officer nor the campus mediators has power to adjudicate, arbitrate, or investigate complaints. Individuals who have questions or concerns about classroom environment, interpersonal conflicts, appeals processes, university policies, fair treatment, communication difficulties, or need help with resolving other university concerns are encouraged to call or visit the office to attempt informal resolution prior to filing formal complaints.

Contact Information

The Campus Intake officer is Dr. Todd Jones, Vice President for Student Services and Campus Dean of the Floyd Campus. His office is in the Administrative building and he can be reached by telephone at 706-295-6335 or via the Web at

The campus co-mediators are:

Dr. Alan Nichols, Dean of the Division of Social Sciences, Business, and Education, 706-368-7615:

Rebecca Sims, Assistant Professor of Political Science, 706-368-7621:

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