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Admissions - Former GHC Students

Students that have previously been enrolled at GHC but have been out for more than one year should complete the application for readmission.

"I love GHC. It was a great starting point for me and really helped develop me as a student and as a person. Looking back on the time I have spent at GHC, I don't think I could have made a better decision." Brittany VanHorn

Admissions Requirements

  • Have not been enrolled at GHC for more than one year
  • Have not been dismissed from another institution since last attending GHC

Steps to Enrollment

Step 1 Complete an Application for Readmission form and pay the $20 fee
Step 2 Have official transcripts sent from any college you attended since last attending GHC
Step 3 Applicants who seek to be classified as in-state for tuition purposes, will be required to provide validation of residency and lawful presence in both the State of Georgia and the United States.
Step 4 Schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor at the campus location you plan to attend

Admission Forms

Page last updated: June 25, 2013