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There are a number of regional and national associations that bring together scholars interested in the various facets of communication. Some of those that may be important to a student of communication in Georgia are as follows:

Organization Membership


National Communication Association

National All Aspects of Communication

Southern States Communication Association


All Aspects of Communication

Georgia Communication Association
Georgia All Aspects of Communication

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

National Journalism, Mass Communication, Public Relations, Global Culture

Public Relations Society of America

National Public Relations

Public Relations Society of Georgia

Georgia Public Relations

Rhetoric Society of America

National Rhetoric, Persuasion, Argumentation

International Communication Association

International All Aspects of Communication

Affordable Colleges Online

National This website has free resources for financial aid, college selection, career options, and information on Communication programs nationwide.

Go Grad

National This website has a lot of useful information about online graduate programs in Communication.


Follow the links to learn more about each organization. Of course, I am happy to talk with you about them as well!

Page last updated: May 1, 2015