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Fourth GHC Speech Competition (2014)



April 11, 2014


Steve Stuglin


1st: Malika Jones
"MS Walk 2014"

2nd: Emily Larisch
"Civil Rights"

Kiston Dowler
"Take a Shot: The Flu Shot"

see video of all finalists below



Rome Area Council for the Arts
GHC Office of Academic Affairs
GHC Student Life
GHC Bookstore (Follett Management)


Final Round Judges
Alan Boyer (KSU)
Russell Fulmer
Susan Vines





2014 student competitors

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1st - Malika Jones


"MS Walk 2014"

2nd - Emily Larisch

"Civil Rights"

3rd - Kiston Dowler

"Take a Shot:
the Flu Shot"
4th - Jessica Fisher

"Social Gender and
Gender Socialization"
5th - Brianna Benefield

"Modern Day Slavery"
6th - Adric Coker

"Kids Need More Drama"
7th - Amber Patton

"Youth Voting"


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